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Sit Spot specialises in quality, stylish and affordable seating & commercial furniture solutions for offices, the hospitality industry, educational spaces, the healthcare market and your home.

Sit Spot work with a number of local and international suppliers sourcing a broad range of solutions to meet our customer’s growing and changing needs. Sit Spot also source products for specific client requirements, so if you can’t find what you are looking for in our advertised range call us and have a chat.


Sit Spots considered that it will be best to have a website that displayed and reflected the presence in order to build their brand awareness online. They wanted a website that works seamlessly across all devices, displays products in neat categories and user-friendly.

Sit Spots appointed our web design Sydney team to build and develop a website that represents their mission. TWMG were assigned to build a website that displays the products neatly yet allows users to shop easily from the website. On top of that, they also wanted us to build a website that displays seamlessly through all type of platform.


The Website Marketing Group (TWMG) has developed and implemented e-commerce template to display Sit Spots better for its audience. We have designed the website using Magento as its framework, it allows us to create a design which is focused on familiarity and user-friendliness.

There are a variety of products with many categories available at Sit Spots website. We think it is essential for the visitors to find the products they need from the collection or learn about the services they offer easily. Therefore, we divided the content into main pages namely Products, Sale, Resources, and Colour Selector.


The website went live after a few weeks brewing the design and implementing it into reality. It displays simplicity, looks modern, sophisticated and user-friendly. We tried to provide informative and useful content for the audience, whilst the CTAs deliver conversions. The core of the website is an e-commerce platform which allows users to search and shop, also for Sit Spots to convert the activity into marketing reports.

We are delighted to present to you the website of Sit Spots.

Check it out: http://www.sitspot.com.au/

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