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Our designers implement all website usability principles while designing and developing website leading to a user-friendly website design.
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It is Essential To Know About Developing Usable & Useful Websites

Web usability can be defined as an efficient and easy to use web design aspect for visitors. Web usability means designing for users instead of for yourself or your client. A website that complies with user expectations makes visitors more comfortable and more likely to visit again. Websites with good usability is essential to site's success.

This site is dedicated to providing information about web design and website development and how to make websites more usable, useful and accessible .We have provided set of usability guidelines for user-centered design.

User-Centered Design

User-Centered design (UCD) is a designed product development methodology that involves users throughout all stages of web site development, in order to create a web site that meets users' needs. It is an approach for carrying out usability which considers an organization's business objectives and the user's limitations, needs and preferences.

It is important to recognize that usability is not a one-dimensional property of a user interface. Web site usability is a combination of factors including:

Web Usability Graph

Web Design Process and Evaluation

Websites should be designed and developed by considering several usability-related issues, methods, and procedures. The most important ones are including 'up-front' issues such as setting clear and concise goals for a Website, determining a correct and exhaustive set of user requirements, ensuring that the website meets user's expectations, setting usability goals, and providing useful content.

Optimizing the User Experience

A key factor in designing web sites is to facilitate and encourage efficient and effective human-computer interactions. Reducing the user's workloads using computer's capabilities is effective. Some benefits that users take over well designed web sites are directly usable format display of information as well as organized contents. The speed of loading a page is an important factor and users should be provided with appropriate feedback while waiting. Users should be easily able to print information. Designers should make sure to avoid unnecessary windows or graphics to users.

Website Usability Matrix

Website Accessibility

All web sites should be designed to ensure that it facilitates all users including people with difficulties such as hearing, seeing and making precise movements.

Some of the main accessibility issues to be dealt with include:

  • Provide text equivalents for non-text elements
  • Ensure that scripts allow accessibility
  • Provide frame titles
  • Enable users to skip repetitive navigation links
  • Ensure that plug-ins and applets meet the requirements for accessibility; and
  • Synchronize all multimedia elements

Where it is not possible to ensure that all pages of a site are accessible, designers should provide equivalent information to ensure that all users have equal access to all information.

Website Usability Testing

The following issues should be considered when conducting usability testing. Generally, the best method is to conduct a test where representative participants interact with representative scenarios:

The tester collects data on the participant's success, speed of performance, and satisfaction. The findings, including both quantitative data and qualitative observations information, are provided to designers in a test report. Using 'inspection evaluations,' in place of well-controlled usability tests, must be done with caution. Inspection methods, such as heuristic evaluations or expert reviews, tend to generate large numbers of potential usability 'problems' that never turn out to be actual usability problems

The major consideration is to ensure that an iterative approach is used. After the first test results are provided to designers, they should make changes and then have the web site tested again. Generally, the more iterations, the better the Web site.

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