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Remarketing / Retargeting - Digital Marketing Sydney

Remarketing allows advertisers to target previous visitors to their website through other websites or platforms. TWMG manages the two main types of remarketing through Google AdWords and Adroll.
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Google Ads and Adroll Retargeting

Watch Your Conversion Rate Soar With More Specific Campaigns

Whenever a potential customer visits a physical store and then leaves without making a purchase, it's considered a missed opportunity—a loss for your business.

Online, however, there is a way for you to reconnect with your website's previous visitors and motivate them to push through with a purchase.

It's called Remarketing and Retargeting—and we can deliver this service to yield fantastic results for your organisation.

Understanding the technique

Retargeting is a type of marketing wherein you target only Web users who have visited your website before with banner ads on display networks across the World Wide Web.

Retargeting pixels are placed either all over your entire website or only on specific sections of the site. When a person visits parts of your site with these pixels, a cookie is left on the user's browser. Once the person visits display networks where you run retargeting ads, those ads will be shown to the person.


What are the benefits?

A retargeting campaign can help your business enjoy the following advantages:

  • Higher conversion rates
  • Reduced cost-per-impression (CPM)
  • Improved ROI (when used in conjunction with other channels)
  • Precise targeting
  • Cost-effective branding distribution
  • Increased cross-channel presence
  • An opportunity to advertise on 98% of websites
  • Customer segmentation

Retargeting and remarketing services done right

Our team of Web specialists here at TWMG has successfully implemented remarketing and retargeting campaigns for both distinguished Sydney-based and international brands.

We have implemented numerous successful remarketing campaigns for Australia-based companies as well as major international brands. Check out our case studies for remarketing Ad: Tech Australia and SAP.

We can help you target the right consumer audiences with a customised campaign that will meet your organisation's particular needs—promoting a sale, offering rewards to previous site visitors, and re-connecting with customers lost through shopping cart abandonment.

Our top-notch tools

Our digital marketers utilises two major platforms: Google and AdRoll. Between them, retargeting campaigns can gain access to 98% of indexed websites worldwide, which translates to a more extended reach for your campaign.

Although generally referring to the same marketing approach as retargeting, the term remarketing is specific to the massive Google Display Network which encompasses more than a million websites, apps and videos and creates plenty of retargeting opportunities.

Retargeting plans are the top provisions of online advertising powerhouse AdRoll, as they work with giants like Google, Facebook Exchange, Microsoft and Yahoo, enabling you to reach 98% of sites on the Web.

Get the best conversion results from TWMG's structured Retargeting and Remarketing campaigns.

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