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Domain Name Registrar - Agency Sydney

Our web developers Sydney are experts in Domain Name Registration for Australian domain names and DNS management services
Domain Name Registration

Domain Name Registration

Shine The Light on Your Brand with Hassle-Free Domain Name Registration

Your domain name is your identity in the World Wide Web—your unique brand. It allows consumers to find you online and helps them to identify with your business.

Essentially, your domain name is a marketing tool, and as such must be chosen with care. It has to be short, and easy to pronounce, spell and remember. And more importantly, it has to represent your brand or business—when a Web user sees it, there has to be no mistake in their mind that it's your domain name.

In Australia, domain names must be registered with registrars—companies accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and/or by a national ccTLD authority.

Registering domain names typically involves the following process:

  • Checking the availability of the domain name — You need to determine that your preferred domain name has not already been registered by another party. You can perform this check on Aust Domains, for example.
  • Repeat the process with an alternative domain name if your initial choice is already taken.
  • Once you find an available domain name that suits your needs, continue to check out.

Let our team take care of your domain name registration for you

TWMG offers a top-notch Domain Name Registration service that takes away the hassle of securing a unique domain name for your business.

For a one-time annual fee, our website specialists will register your domain name, as well as renew your registration in compliance with regulations.

Free Parked Domain feature

Hire us to register your domain name and receive added value. Each domain name comes with a free suite of additional services, such as DNS zone edits—this will enable you to manage your online presence better.

Unlimited, unwavering support

You can get in touch with our highly trained and qualified support team via phone or email whenever you require it. Whether you are a novice in tackling IT affairs or a business owner with a fair knowledge of website management techniques, we're always available to provide assistance throughout different stages of your online strategy.

Website expertise that follows your growth

When you secure your domain name with our help, you'll have access to additional website services that you may need as your business develops. We're all about taking your business goals to the next step and helping you achieve your online campaign results.

Fast and no-fuss domain registration

The right name makes your website and your business memorable to your target audience, making it easy for them to visit your site again and share it with their network. A website with a good domain name is seen as more credible and trustworthy. And a domain name that aligns with your brand boost your visibility and reach.

Our Domain Name Registration and DNS management services for Australian domain names is just what you need to build your online presence. 

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