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Responsive Website Development

Do you want your website to look great on smartphones, tablets and desktops? Responsive websites are the answer. Call The Website Marketing Group in Sydney now 1300 911 772.
Responsive Website Development Company Sydney

Responsive Website Development

Grow Your Business with Customer-Friendly, Future-Ready Websites

In recent years, sales of mobile devices have outpaced the combined sales of both desktop and laptop computers. On top of that, more and more people are going online using their smartphones and tablets. And from the look of things, these trends show no sign of changing anytime in the near future.

What does this mean for your business and its website? Simply put, you need a website that loads fast and effectively displays its content across all platforms, whether the customer is using a desktop or laptop computer or a mobile device. Simply put, you need a responsive website.

What's a responsive website?

A responsive website is a website that displays all its assets the same way across different platforms. It will fit all screen sizes, whether it is viewed using a smartphone or the screen of a laptop. Essentially, it eliminates the need to invest in multiple websites just to ensure that the website can be viewed optimally across different platforms.

Why invest in responsive website design?

Mobile devices have become the platform of choice

Report after report confirms that many people use their mobile devices to surf the Web for both work and play. As such, it makes perfect sense to take advantage of this trend and be where your potential customers are.

Improve search rankings

Google has been very vocal about its recommendation for businesses to invest in responsive design. For the search engine giant, having one website that can adapt to different platforms makes their job easier.

Increase customer satisfaction

Google also puts a premium on businesses having one URL for users to share. By having just one URL, the user experience becomes uniform across all platforms.

Boost conversions

If a website visitor can do essentially the same things with your website on whatever platform he uses, this increases your conversion rates while significantly minimising abandonment rates.

Improve user experience

Responsive website design makes it easier for site visitors to access your content. It essentially eliminates the hassles and hard work on their part.

One platform to manage

In terms of SEO, you can make your campaigns more efficient because you do not have to work on two separate websites.

Be Future-ready

User behaviour patterns are showing that there's no other way but to go responsive now and in the coming years. In many markets today, people are accessing the Web via their mobile first, but also simultaneously with other devices. Be where your audience is by building a responsive website.

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