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At TWMG, we specialise in creating responsive web designs that not only look great but function perfectly too.

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Responsive Website Development

With so many new technological advances, we have seen a massive increase in customers using their smartphones and tablets to browse the internet. It is crucial for a business to have an optimised website to cater to all of these differing devices, making the user experience as best as possible. With a variety of phone and tablet screen sizes, your website should adjust and be “responsive” to your customers devices.

TWMG have worked with a variety of clients in a variety of markets, helping them accomplish their perfect website. When considering a responsive web design for your company, it is convenient to know the differences between a mobile design and a responsive design as well as the benefits of choosing this responsive design.

"TWMG redesigned the website for Careflilght and it has exceeded our expectations. It was creative, functional and easy to use. "


Gary Williams
Gary Williams Chief Technology Officer Careflight Australia

The Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Perfect functionality across all devices Perfect functionality across all devices

For a period of time, people loved to have small phones, so the trend was to try and make the smallest phone possible. Now as there have been new devices added to the market (such as tablets) there has been a shift in customer behaviour. People love large phones, for example, the new iPhone 11 has a 6.1 inch screen. Because users have a variety of different screen sizes, it is important that your website is responsive, so your customers always have the best online experience.

Easy maintenance Easy maintenance

Using a responsive website means you only have one site to manage. Having more than one version of your website is problematic as the outcome is costly and results in more maintenance. With choosing a responsive website, it's easy to maintain and update, which means you can focus your time on other important aspects of your business.

Increased mobile sales Increased mobile sales

With the increase of individuals searching the web with mobile phones, it is evident that online sales are now made up of phones and tablets and not just computers. By making sure your website is optimised for the perfect shopping experience for all mobile devices, mobile users can increase sales effectively.

Improved SEO Improved SEO

As a responsive website means you only have one website to optimise, you don't need to update SEO on each version of the website. This makes SEO efforts extremely easy as there is no need to copy the content to multiple sites, making SEO efforts much more focussed.

Our Content Management Systems

Let’s get more clients to your website

Having a responsive website is a very important aspect in choosing the right website for your business. A responsive website is a website in which is optimised for your customers’ devices, meaning no matter what kind of screen they are looking at, your website will always look perfect. It is important to invest in a responsive website as it increases the ease of access your customers have of viewing your website, and eliminates the need for purchasing multiple websites just to make sure it can be viewed on different devices.

In having a custom website design, you first of all have a responsive website, we make sure that it can be scaled to whatever size your customer is wanting to look at. It offers uniqueness to your business, choosing a custom design differentiates yourself from other competing brands. With many of the templated built websites, that's just what you get, a template. When choosing to work with a custom website design, whatever you want your website to look like, that is exactly what you will get.

The speed and security of your site is another benefit of choosing a custom website design, meaning your site will never go down and will never be susceptible to hacking. Choosing a custom website design, means choosing the right content management system for your business, you just can't get these benefits anywhere else.

TWMG have been designing, developing, and maintaining websites for over 10 years, which means we are accustomed to all different markets. We know what works for the market you are operating in, producing work that matches what your customers are looking for. Our friendly team produce quality work, making sure the design and content management system is right for you. Choosing TWMG means you get an easy to use, responsive website. See what our customers have to say.