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TRAK Accountants

TWMG provides web design and development as well as search engine optimisation for TRAK Accountants

TRAK Accountants
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TRAK Accountants are a client-focused accounting firm based in Varsity Lakes, Gold Coast. With over two decades of experience in the fields of business enterprise, finance management, accounting and taxation, the team of CPAs at TRAK Accountants are devoted to improving the business practices and personal positions of their clients with their range of accounting and financial services.

TRAK Accountants caters for individuals and businesses throughout the Gold Coast area, from start-ups and employees to property investors and superannuation holders. Their wealth of technical knowledge and commercial experience means that TRAK Accountants are able to deliver practical solutions and financial advice to their customers, guiding them on the path to success, wealth and happiness.


In order to meet their objective of becoming the leading financial advisor in the Gold Coast region, TRAK Accountants needed to build their brand and reach potential new clients with a website that worked seamlessly across all devices. To achieve this, they came to the team at TWMG. The Website Marketing Group specialises in the development of responsive, functional websites optimised for easy maintenance and consistently positive user experience.


TRAK Accountants required a website which would give them the edge in a highly competitive industry by highlighting their experience and range of services. To increase brand awareness and trust, the content needed to be organised and easy to access for visitors. To create a streamlined user experience, we categorised the content into the About, Services, Testimonials, Blog, FAQ and Contact pages, with Key Services located on the homepage for visitor convenience. TWMG also created a booking system where potential clients could submit enquiries or request a complimentary consultation.

For the CMS (content management system), TWMG chose MODX for the TRAK Accountants website. MODX is an award-winning free PHP which provides complete customisation and mobile responsiveness, along with unparalleled SEO capabilities. MODX offers a large amount of flexibility and creative freedom for developers and users alike, able to accommodate e-commerce sites, blogs and interactive websites, and offers easy CSS editing and file uploads with a built-in FTP. The interface is also secure and user-friendly, allowing the staff at TRAK Accountants to easily upload and edit their own content.


With their new website complete, the team at TRAK Accountants can be confident that their site is accessible from a range of devices, showcases their accounting services, and provides visitors with relevant and organised content. TRAK Accountants also took advantage of our comprehensive SEO service, which has helped them reach a wider range of potential customers in the Gold Coast region and positioned them as an industry leader in local search results.

To learn more about TRAK Accountants and their range of personal and business accounting services, visit their new website.

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