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TECO is an electric motor manufacturer that has grown exponentially to emerge as a major recognisable force on the world stage since its humble entry into the industrial sector in 1956. Their product range includes electronics technology solutions to the following major sectors: industrial product and system, consumer appliance and service, IT and optronics product, telecommunications and service, information system and service, and investment and holding.

The success of the TECO brand is driven by four pillars, namely their outstanding innovation and competence, ability to drive technology forward, continuous core business development and competitive global operations.


TECO is engaged in the field of pioneering technology, so they know more than anyone how critical it is to be constantly innovating and recalibrating to maintain your foothold in the industry. This is exactly what they wanted for their business – implement a high-impact strategy that will provide them with a sharper competitive edge in today's highly saturated marketplace.

They already had a website, but they knew they could push its potential further. The Website Marketing Group was commissioned to revamp and revitalise the TECO website with the aim to use it as a primary vehicle for driving their brand forward.


The Website Marketing Group developed a website for TECO that has a look and feel of a sophisticated, state-of-the-art showroom. We decided to include lots of bright, negative spaces within the site, allowing visitors breathing room as they browse through the heavyweight products and services offered by TECO.

Aiming for simple and straightforward user experience, we set up logical categories for the site content to allow visitors to easily get to the most vital information: company profile, products list and details, featured products for inspiration, and how to reach out and get support from the TECO team. Visitors can also go straight to the most popular product ranges by simply clicking on the icons we have provided for electric motors, audio-visual, air conditioning and home appliances which will take them directly to the products selector page for that particular category.

TECO wanted to bridge their online and offline marketing efforts seamlessly. One of the techniques we used to achieve this is to install an interactive dealer locator on the homepage. Another approach is to provide a drop-down menu which will take the visitor to the language-specific sites dedicated to TECO's international locations. In line with this, we integrated direct portals to the social media pages (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) of TECO, and also set up a blog section to further engage the community and offer added value through expert information and insights.

Since the TECO site is rich in content and scope gave their highly extensive products line-up and global locations, we implemented a content management system (CMS) that will simplify the control and organisation of their complex website database. With the CMS installation and training support provided to the in-house site administrators, TECO was able to earn savings in labour costs and enjoy easy and efficient management of the site.

Web Development Technologies: Content Management System, PHP, XHTML, CSS, and XML.


The TECO website set up a precedent on how to engineer intelligent websites for global brands. The content was robust and multi-tiered but everything was within easy and instant reach of the user. The site structure, content and functionalities all worked together into creating a powerful, useful and optimised website. With the Web development strategy implemented by The Website Marketing Group, TECO successfully reinforced their brand as a trusted global leader.




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