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Smoke Fire and Safety is an accredited business providing smoke alarm certification, testing and maintenance to NSW residents. Based in Sydney, they are a member of Fire Protection Association Australia. Their services are backed up by years of experience in fire safety solutions and fire protection systems.

Aside from delivering annual testing and maintenance services, Smoke Fire and Safety also specialises in testing smoke alarms and battery change, as well as replacement of faulty and non-compliant smoke alarms. They have been serving tenants, landlords and property managers in the area for over 12 years now.


With more than a decade in the fire safety and protection industry, Smoke Fire and Safety is considered one of the authority figures in the field. Their insider experience gives them a unique perspective to see just how the market has changed and continues to change through the years. The Smoke Fire and Safety principals know how important it is for them to move with the changes as well, if they want to protect and strengthen their position in the industry.

They tapped on the expertise of The Website Marketing Group to create them a website that will boost their marketing efforts. What they were looking for is a website that will not just promote their services, but also help educate the general public about how to improve the fire safety ratings of their homes.


The Website Marketing Group created a website development plan based on client consultations and market analysis. During this pre-design stage, Smoke Fire and Safety and TWMG worked together to identify key issues such as the target audience of the website and the marketing objectives of the business.

The homepage was professional and straight to the point. It displayed a sliding gallery of Smoke Fire and Safety projects and a call to action with a button that takes visitors to the free consultation opt-in. The clean and minimal theme highlighted the urgent and serious safety services that clients can expect from Smoke Fire and Safety.

The simple layout provided visitors quick access to the important areas of the website: About, Services & Prices, Products, FAQs and Contact Us page. To further boost the education aspect of the website, visitors can also find information about safe and reliable products as well as advice on safety services and their legal obligations as property renters, managers and owners. TWMG also installed an interactive page where visitors can schedule a consultation with an expert for free.

Just like all TWMG websites, the Smoke Fire and Safety website was designed to be mobile-friendly and optimised for higher visibility and targeted reach. A content management system was likewise installed for the benefit of Smoke Fire and Safety in-house website managers.


Smoke Fire and Safety enjoyed a renewed and revitalised marketing strategy. As a result of a better looking and better-performing website, they were able to attract more clients and establish their brand as an industry leader.

Visit: http://www.smokefireandsafety.com.au/

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