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PMAX Filters

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Formed in 2000 PMAX Filters has steadily gained acceptance throughout the world as a reliable supplier of air filters for large engine air intakes.


The Website Marketing Group was commissioned to redesign the PMAX Filters website and maximise online marketing exposure. The company does not use their website for online sales, but instead as customer tool for comprehensive product and distributor search. The website of pmaxfilters.com had 3 goals: maximise PMAX Filters' online marketing exposure; to be an effective tool for PMAX Filters' product promotion; as well as a hub for distributor search.


The Website Marketing Group used the latest design techniques, technology and marketing strategies to ensure that traffic increased dramatically to the website.

This involved:

A website redesign that allowed for a major digital overhaul, which included a cleaner, more intuitive layout. The Website Marketing Group helped re-conceptualise the information architecture of the site with a suave, visually superior look and feel to compliment their renowned air filters. Products have been showcased in a gallery for the range of product models.

A back-end with a content management system built with advanced web technologies: XHTML, XML, CSS, and PHP. In addition, a Distributors section was developed incorporating a world map highlighting the distributors available in each country as well as contact details beside it.

A search engine marketing strategy to ensure PMAX Filters attained the benefits of enormous online traffic exposure. After competitor and marketplace analysis and research, The Website Marketing Group powered an SEO strategy. PMAX Filters watched as massive traffic flow flooded their website with Google Analytics installed to provide the detailed analytical reporting.


Since launching the new website, traffic numbers for new and returning visitors have soared and it remains one of the most popular sites in the air filter industry. The solutions resulted in conversions increasing over 300 percent, CTR more than doubling after optimisation and impressions increasing by 50 percent.

Visit: www.pmaxfilters.com

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