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Pacom Systems pioneered security communications over IP networks more than 30 years ago. Today, Pacom works with leading organisations to develop integrated enterprise security systems that are cost-effective and flexible, delivering unrivalled reliability and functionality.


As a global leader in providing security communications, Pacom wanted to develop a smartphone application for centralised monitoring and management of security devices. They needed a digital agency to deliver a set of specialised skills including process analysis, defining screens and user interaction, and designing of smartphone app screens (phone and tablet formats) utilising HTML5 and Telerik's Kendo UI library.


The new Pacom application was a real challenge for The Website Marketing Group. Several parts of the interface they needed seemed to be an impossible fit for HTML5. But the challenge only fuelled our drive to go for it. We wasted no time in planning the strategy and determining how to go about the implementation. The solution we aimed for was engineered not just to fulfil the requirements of the client. We also saw this project as an opportunity to build a stage for future innovations of its kind.

TWMG built an application that is so sophisticated that it becomes extremely easy to use. This approach also made it possible for security data to be easily accessible to authorised users but virtually non-penetrable by outsiders. The only way to implement this is to make sure the code was written in a clean, highly organised and well-commented system.

It was also vital that the code can be updated and recalibrated efficiently. The nature of the mobile Web is rapid change, so we worked hard in enabling the application to grow along with the shifting demands of the marketplace without losing its core components. We established a content management system (CMS) that is customised for the convenience of Pacom app administrators.


The Pacom smartphone app ran smoothly on the most commonly used devices and browsers in the market, and its flexibility will make it most likely to run as well on programs that will be developed in the near future. The app worked as well as we wanted it to, and more: it provided users with the efficient, safe and intuitive platform they are looking for, and gave Pacom the prestige and advantage of launching one of the most innovative solutions in their field. The impact on the bottom line is measurable through the heightened brand awareness, opportunities to sell and upsell, and continued customer loyalty.

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