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NSW Official Visitors Program

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NSW Official Visitors are appointed by the NSW Minister for Health to visit people in mental health inpatient facilities in New South Wales and are available to assist on community treatment orders. The Official Visitors Program aims to safeguard standards of treatment and care and the rights and dignity of people being treated under the NSW Mental Health Act 2007 while maintaining an independent community perspective. Their main objective is bridging the gap between mental health consumers and the NSW Government.


Building an Intranet for the NSW Official Visitor Program.

The intranet for the Mental Health Official Visitor Program had to fulfil a lot of important functions and feature many essential components:

  • User management with individual user accounts
  • Access and manage protected content and documents
  • Embedded Google Calendar
  • Notification management
  • Upload forms (pdf) and management
  • Reports
  • Survey Link
  • Easy user management


User management

The intranet is accessed by many officers, from various locations in NSW. Each officer has a separate login and belongs to a particular user role. Two user roles exist with various access privileges - Administrator and Official Visitor - both roles are presented with different dashboards.

Official Visitor – Majority of users belongs to this role. They receive notifications, download documents, upload forms and view calendar documents.
Administrator – Can manage users, send notifications, set Google Calendar events, View reports etc.

NSW Visitors Intranet

Registration / User profile

Users have profiles with following data fields. First name / Last Name / Address / Email / Phone / Mobile
The Email address is used for login to the system, with matching password.

New user registration - NSW Visitors Intranet

Only Administrators have permissions to add users to the system. Once a user is created, an invitation email is sent to the supplied email. The email address used is the same as the login name, and an automatically generated password is sent for the login. Once logged in, users can change the password. A password reset link is provided on the login screen, which sets a new password and sends it to the requester.

Dashboard Components


The notifications display to the user messages sent by the Administrator. These messages can be either “Public” or “Private”. Private messages are seen only be the intended user, while other messages are mass broadcasts. - closed status is saved on the database
A notification can be:
• Information
• Warning
• Critical

Document Vault

Different categories of documents are presented, and clicking on one will take to the document listing page. Detail page is a list of documents, where they can choose to download. The list will have three columns Name, Type (PDF, Doc etc.) and Date. Sorted alphabetically (A-Z) and also with a sort option.

What's New

Administrators can publish news items, and first three news titles will be listed here. Can click the more button to go to the news listing page. A news item has a title, Publish date and body

Calendar of Events

Google calendar is embedded here. Administrators can set Calendar events on Google calendar account, which is displayed here

Other components of the dashboard include:

  • Actions Panel
  • Survey
  • Form Submission
  • Notifications
  • Edit Profile

Administrator Dashboard - additional components

The Administrator's dashboard includes some additional components not available on the user's dashboard.

  • Activity Monitor
  • Quick Messenger Manager
  • info, warning, critical
  • Actions Panel

Web Development Technologies: Content Management System, PHP, XHTML, CSS, and XML.

Official Visitors Program

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