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Life Celebration Funerals

Logo Design for Life Celebration Funerals

Life Celebration Funerals



Life Celebration Funerals is an Australian owned family company. It was created to provide funeral services that more accurately reflect the funeral services required by families of today. Their funerals are individually and personally designed to celebrate the life of loved ones, in a way that uplifts and memorialises that precious life.


Life Celebration Funerals wanted a logo design that would reflect the serious nature of the business while at the same time represent the celebratory nature of the services. The client supplied words and phrases such as – “sensitive, classy, respectful, nothing too flashy but not sombre at the same time.”


The Website Marketing group provided a logo that fulfilled the client's brief. The final logo design features a Möbius strip, probably one of the simplest yet eloquent symbols. A Möbius strip has only one surface and only one edge which represents the journey of life from birth to death. But the symbol can also be seen as lemniscate or infinity symbol and suggests a life after. The symbol was deemed appropriate for the nature of the business. The colour scheme used expresses the uplifting yet respectful nature of the services provided by Life Celebration Funerals.

Visit: http://www.lifecelebrationfunerals.com.au/

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