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JELD-WEN Glass is a global industry leader in the glass technology, specialising in sophisticated, environmentally friendly, glass processing. The Australian facility opened in 2006, by initially providing associate JELD-WEN business such as Stegbar, Regency, and Airlite with toughened, shaped, cut, drilled, and polished glass.

JELD-WEN quickly grew and in 2013, the company invested in a multi-million dollar expansion with the world's latest technology in Ceramic Printing, Painting, IGU manufacturer, and a limitless combination of Custom Laminate options.

Today, JELD-WEN has over 20,000 employees globally spanning 45 countries. JELD-WEN is the world leader in the manufacture of windows, doors, and can now lay claim to a cutting edge glass processing facility in Australia.


JELD-WEN Glass needed a new website to be used as the main tool for promoting the new products they are launching, which was made possible through the acquisition of new machinery that provides them the capacity to manufacture. The online marketing will work hand-in-hand with their ongoing traditional campaigns such as flyers, sample sets, PR campaign, etc.

They chose The Website Marketing Group to develop their new website. The website should be inspiring and aspirational. It should be influential to the extent that target visitors – architects and designers – should feel that only JELD-WEN Glass products can translate their concepts into real-life projects.


The Website Marketing Group developed a website that will appeal to project decision makers, such as managers, architects and designers. Therefore, the aim is to make the website useful and organised, to help busy industry professionals find the information they need in a fast and straightforward manner.

To call out the attention of the target audience, who are mostly professionals in a visually-oriented industry, TWMG made sure the website looks sleek and cutting-edge. The homepage was designed to look future-forward and eye-captivating, with the use of a stunning image slideshow. The JELD-WEN Glass was installed in a strategic position on the homepage as well.

The website is equipped with interactive features such as ghost menus, colour-coded categories and sliding images for stronger visual impact and better functionality. To keep the rich content organised, it was divided into main categories that are easily accessible via the main header: About Us, Glass Services, Inspiration, Info Centre and Contact and their sub-sections.

The website framework utilised strategic content architecture so that even with the multiple media formats – articles, images, graphics, PDF links and videos – the site remains cohesive and logically organised.

The 100% mobile-ready website is powered by an SEO component, to boost its reach and visibility and to make it more accessible to readers using a variety of platforms and devices


The new JELD-WEN Glass website evoked technical advantage, sophisticated solutions and customer focus – all of which reflect the company's values. Now, it is considered the main source of inspiration for glass technology by both newbies and pioneers in the industry.

Visit: www.jeld-wenglass.com.au

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