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Genworth is a leading provider of Lenders Mortgage Insurance and credit enhancement product solutions in Australia. They facilitate residential mortgage lending by transferring risk from Lenders to Lenders Mortgage Insurance providers, predominantly for high loan to value ratio residential mortgages. They are a part of Genworth Financial, Inc., a leading Fortune 500 insurance holding company dedicated to helping people secure their financial lives, families and futures.


Faced with a challenging economy and a jaded market, Genworth urgently needed an immediate boost in visibility, a brand uplift, and an effective channel for making more meaningful connections with their target audience. They approached The Website Marketing Group to revitalise their website and rebuild it to be a more compelling marketing tool.


The Website Marketing Group recreated the Genworth website, with the focus on making it a more effective brand champion and a hub for more valuable and positive customer interactions.

The Genworth market base is huge and diverse, and the company has a huge amount of information that they needed the website to carry. To consolidate this rich amount of resources, we came up with a multi-tiered information structure for the website that simplifies delivery without affecting the content.

We created logical paths for users to take and came up with separate but connected sections for the primary audience of Genworth: investors, lenders, brokers and borrowers. Meanwhile, the common areas of the site are packed with interactive and instructional resources, such as the LMI Toolkit, Servicing Estimator and Security Location Guide.

A robust SEO strategy was implemented for the website to further boost brand awareness and online visibility. We have also set up a content management system to enable Genworth administrators to make regular updates on the website with ease and efficiency.

Web Development Technologies: Content Management System, PHP, XHTML, CSS, and XML.


The revamped website opened numerous opportunities for Genworth to strengthen brand awareness and trust and invest in customer education. Furthermore, they reported improved ROI from new customer acquisitions, cross-sells and recurring sales as a result of their online marketing efforts.

Visit: http://www.genworth.com.au

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