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Caroma - I Love My Bathroom



Caroma is Australia's leading bathroom brand, offering a strong local manufacturing presence, market-leading product solutions, a commitment to sustainability, and much more for more than 60 years now. For Caroma, it's the stand-out fixtures that stamp the style of a bathroom; the basin, the toilet suite, the shower, the taps or mixers, the bath or spa. An award-winning brand, Caroma has a range of WELS four- and five-star rated toilets eligible for government toilet rebate installations.


Caroma teamed up with The Australian Red Cross for the commemoration of World Toilet Day and to support the international charity organisation's campaign to help marginalised communities across the globe have more access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation. Aside from participating in awareness raising programs, Caroma also donated more than $200,000 to support Red Cross water and sanitation projects in Asia-Pacific.

Caroma and Red Cross launched a joint fundraising program called “I Love My Bathroom” to further raise money that will be used to provide clean water and toilets as well as raise hygiene awareness in remote communities in the region.

To reach out to more Australians who want to know more about the campaign and make donations, Caroma assigned The Website Marketing Group to develop a website entirely dedicated to the initiative.


The Website Marketing Group created a promotional microsite for I Love My Bathroom. Since the aim is to raise awareness for an urgent and important issue, the website was engineered to provide fast, accurate information with impact. Bold colours, vibrant pictures and engaging headlines and copy were the primary driving force behind the online information campaign.

For this type of website, the information required not only to be simply delivered but to be delivered through a compelling manner that demanded urgent action, without being too in-your-face. The Website Marketing Group achieved this balance by designing a website that uses positive energy – and a little bit of humour – to invite visitors to pay attention and take action.

Web development technologies utilised in the project: Content Management System, XHTML, CSS, and XML.


The call-to-action in the I Love My Bathroom website was simple but demanded great commitment: “Donate today!” The website built by The Website Marketing Group made decision making and taking action easy and convenient by providing the target audience fast access to vital information and a compelling campaign for a great cause.

The website indeed made a “splash” that the organisers wanted to gain more supporters. The site's popularity and the volume of donations made through it were all the results needed by Caroma and their partner Red Cross to declare their online promotional platform a resounding success.

Visit: http://www.ilovemybathroom.com.au/

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