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Caroma - EDM

EDM - Email Marketing "Buy a Legend, Win a Legend" and "Tip & Win" for Caroma

Email Marketing (EDM) - Caroma

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Caroma is a distinctively Australian brand and the maker of some of the world's most desirable and inspiring bathrooms. Over the years, their various product collections have won design awards from both national and international recognition bodies. Now on their 70th year of providing innovative solutions to their target market, Caroma continues to be at the forefront of world-class bathroom solutions.

Caroma is owned by GWA Bathrooms and Kitchens, Australia's leading supplier, designer, manufacturer, importer and distributor of bathroom and kitchen products for residential and commercial premises. The company is the owner of an extensive range of well-known brands including Dorf, Fowler, Stylus, Clark, Radiant, Irwell, Austral Lock, Gainsborough, Gliderol and API Locksmiths, and is the exclusive Australian distributor of Hansa.


Caroma was running two promotions to kick off the launch of their new website. The first one was named the “Buy a Legend, Win a Legend,” wherein customers who purchase any of the company's products are eligible to join for a chance to win a brand-new Harley-Davidson Sportster. The second one is the “Tip & Win” promo wherein tradesmen can submit expert plumbing tips and get a chance to win various prizes.

Caroma wanted to create a buzz and sustain the interest for their promotions. They requested The Website Marketing Group to build an email direct marketing (EDM) campaign that will spread the word about the campaigns, entice more customers to join and in the process increase sales and develop renewed interest for their products and services.


The Website Marketing Group developed an interactive EDM design that accomplishes the following: build up interest about the promos, share promo details, entice email recipients to opt-in through the embedded landing page links, and enhance brand awareness.

This was achieved through a colourful, eye-catching design that places the two promos side-by-side, punctuated by bold images and direct call-to-action. The design contained several elements but the delivery was simple, easy to understand and visually appealing. All graphic elements have been carefully considered to be consistent with the overall brand direction. This approach generated a huge amount of positive responses from recipients.


Caroma enjoyed two successful campaigns that resulted in measurable gains for their lead generation and conversion rates. The EDM campaign inspired them to build similar online campaigns that utilised sophisticated solutions that required minimal resources and staff intervention and yielded business growth for the long term.

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