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B&D Garage Doors - Promotional Banner

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New Banner Advertisement for B&D Garage Doors' Cashback Offer


Since the unveiling of the first B&D Roll-A-Door in Sydney in 1956, the B&D brand has grown to become an Australian icon that reflects engineering ingenuity and innovation. As the leading name in the residential and industrial door and shutter solutions, their products have had a profound impact on urban streetscapes and the Australian dream of home ownership.


In their commitment to continuously provide added value to customers, B&D launched their Cashback Offer. This promo entitles customers to up to $500 cash back for any purchase of B&D garage door and opener.

B&D wanted to increase awareness about the Cashback Offer through an advertising solution that will reach the most number of their target audience in a cost-effective manner. They tapped on the expertise of The Website Marketing Group to produce banner advertisements exclusively for the promo.


Armed with the information we have acquired from the market study we made for their website, The Website Marketing Group developed several banner ads to boost awareness as well as participation on their new promo.

We developed various ad studies in horizontal and vertical layouts. Focusing on creating a small-sized, high-impact design, we incorporated a couple of B&D project photos, intriguing copy and a catchy call to action to come up with a concise and compelling banner ad.

The black, red and white brand colours of B&D was used, making the look of the ads cohesive and increasing brand awareness in the process. TWMG also equipped the ad with a landing page solution that measures audience response to the campaign.


The B&D promo was well-received by its target audience. The strategic use of the banner ads played a central role in activating customers to take the next step: click on the ads, find out more about the campaign, and eventually take advantage of the promo. B&D reported increased sales and more enquiries as a result of the promo and plans to replicate it in the future with the help of The Website Marketing Group to launch similarly successful marketing initiatives.

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