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BnD Garage Design and Development

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Since the unveiling of the first B&D Roll-A-Door in Sydney in 1956, the B&D brand has grown to become an Australian icon that reflects engineering ingenuity and innovation. At the same time, their products have had a profound impact on urban streetscapes and the Australian dream of home ownership.


As the leading name in residential and industrial doors and shutter solutions in Australia, B&D knows how important it is for businesses to meet their market's changing needs and expectations.

B&D knew that more and more consumers are turning online to make purchase decisions, so they assigned The Website Marketing Group to revitalise their website and make it more tuned to market demands.


The website we developed for B&D was also designed to showcase the brand's authority in state-of-the-art fail-proof technologies and its commitment to user-focused innovation. It was built with the buyer in mind, allowing them to easily explore the brand's extensive offering and get to know more about the business and its services. Special features such as the secure online quote tool were installed to enable visitors to acquire accurate information for a more confident purchase. Social media integration was likewise added to further boost customer engagement.

The website was also engineered to be the communications centre of their organisation, allowing their nationwide network of accredited dealers to offer the highest level of customer service and support for every B&D product.

To make sure that B&D will be able to make the most out of the website, a content management system (CMS) was installed, allowing B&D administrators to update site content including text, images and some coding, with ease and efficiency.

TWMG likewise strengthened the website by integrating it within a comprehensive marketing strategy. To date, the B&D website ranks on the first page in search engine results and continues to attract and retain customer interest.

Web Development Technologies: Content Management System, PHP, XHTML, CSS, and XML.


The Website Marketing Group Internet marketing strategy for B&D has essentially been instrumental in attracting a steady increase of traffic toward the website, promoting B&D Garage Doors and Openers expertise and solutions, developing new customer relationships and generating massive interest for this trusted Australian brand.

Visit: http://www.bnd.com.au

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Brilliant Approach! The guys at TWMG just took hold of the project and calmly walked me through it. They built me the engine I had hoped for to bring me more prospects and it has had a dramatic impact on my bottom line.


—B&D Garage Doors, Marketing Manager

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