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Automatic Technology (ATA)

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Automatic Technology (ATA) is an Australian-owned business specialising in remote access systems for garage doors and gates. The company has been designing and building garage door openers and gate openers for over 25 years now. They have designed and released innovative access control technologies that have been adopted throughout the globe including Europe, Asia and South Africa.

ATA is the brand trusted by garage and gate access professionals. They are an established market leader and known for their commitment to innovation. Some of their innovations include: Easy coding of remote transmitters; Trio-Code™, the world's first interference free transmitter system in 2007; Trio Code 128™, dubbed as the most reliable and secure garage door transmitter system ever; and Wireless Safety Beams which were developed to protect the user's family, possessions and vehicle.


Known for their commitment to continuous improvement, ATA wanted to improve the look and functionality of their website. The industry they belong to was becoming increasingly competitive, and they knew then that they had to raise their online marketing efforts if they want to capture their market and stand out from the competition.

ATA called on the expertise of The Website Marketing Group to rebuild their online presence and therefore develop a branded website that also serves as a lead generation tool.


The Website Marketing Group created a customer-focused website and online marketing strategy that highlights the authority, unparalleled excellence and quality service that are the hallmarks of the ATA team.

This involved an in-depth pre-design process that includes client consultation, market research, goal setting and more. The result of this stage was a website development plan that served as a blueprint that unified all the moving parts of the website development process.

The design theme of the website is: smart, simple and secure, which reflects the very pillars of ATA services and solutions. The information architecture and navigation was specifically designed to be clear-cut and linear, to boost ease and convenience of use.

Visitors arrive at the homepage presented with the major components of the business's product line: Garage Door Openers, Gate Openers, Commercial Openers and Accessories. Sliding hero images occupy the entire screen and direct the visitor to just the most important elements: the primary sections of the website, a search bar, and the number to call.

The result of this minimal and straightforward layout is fewer distractions for the visitors. They get the answers they need, fast. And the information they get takes them straight to the purchase path. As visitors further explore the website, they will find more detailed technical information for advanced users, through subsections for manuals, product brochures, accessories and a book a service feature.

The website is 100% mobile responsive and equipped with a comprehensive SEO strategy to boost. A content management system was also installed to make it easier for ATA staff to edit Text, graphics and basic coding elements.


The new ATA website exuded the team's professional confidence, expert credibility and technical excellence. Smart engineering and design boosted leads generation and online conversions and improved the website's page rank and visibility. ATA enjoyed a steady stream of customers, a robust business and the success of a mission that saves lives and property through innovative security solutions.

Visit: http://www.ata-aust.com.au

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