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Amada Oceania has provided the Australian industry with a steady stream of innovative, productivity-enhancing sheet metal machines. Their product line-up includes sheet metal working machinery, bandsaw machines, bandsaw blades, punching tooling, bending tooling, software solutions and spare parts. Amada is a group company of Amada Co., LTD. (Japan), a world-leading manufacturer of metalworking machines.


The global manufacturing sector is facing a rapidly increasing demand for high-quality and reliable suppliers of industrial products and solutions. In the sheet metal market, the competition becomes tighter and tighter each day, making it all the more important for companies to ensure that a smart and solid marketing strategy is in place for their business.

To power up their competitive advantage, Amada Oceania decided to invest in a total redesign of their website, assigning The Website Marketing Group to undertake the project. Amada Oceania needed a website that presents the brand as a technology leader and a company dedicated to providing fast and expert customer service. To further improve their market position, Amada Oceana required not just a company website, but a trusted information authority portal for their industry.


The Website Marketing Group developed an innovative solution to reinvent the Amada Oceania website, creating a new concept that will take the visual impact and architecture of the site to a new level. The new look and feel of www.amada.com.au are a return to quality.

The new site was engineered to become the hub for product information and ongoing brand initiatives. It was, therefore, critical that visitors felt they were engaging with a renowned brand, and that they can get to know more about what it can offer in a very simple and structured manner.

One of the key features that TWMG installed to increase functionality is the search bar, placed in a strategic position in the homepage. The reimagined Products page contained the entire database of the wide range of products offered by Amada Oceania. But the massive volume of information was presented in an accessible, uncluttered system that easily provided in-depth content on the product features, samples, automation and specifications. PDF documents and videos provide a further understanding of the technical details for each piece of equipment. Inside the 'Products' page is a function that allows customers to send an enquiry about the machine.

Another chief feature is the Services page that enables customers across Australia to get speedy support from the Amada Oceania team while highlighting the expertise of the company's knowledgeable technical Engineers and their large stock of machinery parts. Meanwhile, the Solution Centre section serves as a direct source for innovative solutions as well as a portal for efficient process verification.

We also added a News page, Schedule of Events and Contact page, as well as an opt-in page for customers interested in receiving updates on seminars, open houses, or study tour to Australia and international factories that are occasionally offered by Amada Oceania. All these functionalities are powered by a custom SEO-friendly content management system (CMS) tailored to meet Amada Oceania's requirements.

The core structure of the site is built with best practice methods: XHTML, XML, CSS, and PHP for an enhanced user experience.


Amada Oceania enjoys a dramatic increase in revenue and attention, thanks to new contacts formed and strengthened customer engagement. The improved website has made urgent information and services easy to find and be requested, which became instrumental in growing their clientele. The visual and architectural enhancements that The Website Marketing Group made for the Amada Oceania website ensured the company enjoys industry-leading presence both online and offline.

Visit: www.amada.com.au

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