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Social Media Marketing

TWMG is a full suite digital agency focused on using social media advertising to generate fast ROI while building long-term brand awareness.
Social Media Marketing Company Sydney

Social Media Marketing

Social media channels provide an excellent platform to build real and lasting relationships with the people that matter most to you. TWMG work closely with your brand to develop a social media strategy for connecting with your audience effectively.

Social Media Strategy 

Developing a social media strategy must come first and this strategy forms the basis for planning both on-going social campaigns and general social media management, developing and nurturing a targeted social audience for your business to strengthen your brand affinity.

Social Media Campaigns 

TWMG build successful social media campaigns to match your specific marketing aims, whether you want to attract people to a particular event, encourage downloads of strategically created content or take advantage of an offer. We develop bespoke campaigns to achieve your objectives.

Social Media Advertising 

Social media marketing is an art and it takes skill to choose the most appropriate content, social channels and posting times to match your target audience. We use social media advertising to accurately target the most appropriate audience for your products and services, and we maximise the return on your spend.

Our Social Media Marketing process:

1. Audit We carry out a detailed and comprehensive analysis of your existing social media accounts, identifying all social media channels where you have a presence, whether officially or unofficially, and we closely monitor these to identify strengths and weaknesses.

2. Content Strategy Based on the findings of the audit, we devise a strategy for building on your current social media strengths. The strategy shines a light on the most appropriate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for us to focus on. We can then create a roadmap, highlighting what we want to achieve with these KPIs at key milestones along the way, and a plan to take us through.

3. Guidelines For a strategy to succeed, brand persona and company ethos needs to be nailed down, including a tone of voice for the various social media channels you will use. We use this to produce a social media policy that gives clear direction to social media managers on best practice, tone of voice, and general guidelines on how to behave on appropriate platforms. This is used as a reference source by anybody involved in the brand’s social media management moving forward.

4. Implementation With plans and guidelines in place, TWMG take full control of your social media campaign although we do encourage you to actively engage in conversations involving your fans and followers. Communication is key and we ensure you are fully updated on the progress of your social media campaigns.

5. Measure Human nature is unpredictable and so is social media. We keep a close eye on our strategy and continue to tweak bits here and there, when necessary, to maximise the impact of our social media campaigns. Where applicable, the scope of our monitoring can be widened to identify unnoticed conversations about any products, services, or brand mentions.

6. Reports Effective reporting is an essential part of our social media activities. We use industry standard tools to create visual reports that break down complex numbers into beautiful and bite sized reports that everyone can understand. More importantly, we focus on measuring and reporting on the social media variables that count in winning a return on investment.

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