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Digital Marketing Agency Sydney

Digital Marketing Sydney

Today, everyone must have a well-planned, and professionally executed digital marketing strategy in place to successfully market their business online. A clear plan acts as a map you and your staff can follow to understand the new technologies and process involved in digital marketing. This digital marketing map acts as a comprehensive blueprint that incorporates areas within your organisation, as well as service providers outside your organisation. And still there will be times where there is an overlap between both areas. At TWMG we help you navigate through all of the options to create a mix that is perfect for your business today and along the path of your business' growth and success.

Your digital marketing strategy forms a strong foundation upon which you can build your customers' experience of your brand. These days people are always “switched on” to technology. This trend means that your business must create an experience for customers who have become “information consumers” looking for an interesting and valuable digital customer experience. TWMG helps you creates and sustain an emotional connection with your customers by using a combination of strategy, analytics, emerging technology, and data analysis to deliver an enhanced screen experience.

TWMG creates a unique and creative list of activities that develop, implement, monitor and refine digital marketing processes for each client across varied platforms such as:

Digital Strategy: Our experience, passion for detail and strategic vision will lead you to success.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Our SEO professionals have improved and maintained high performance and results that consistently exceed client expectations.

Search Engine Marketing: We develop strategies to skyrocket ROI with online marketing just for your company that is unique blend of innovative SEM strategies to generate directed traffic and catapult your website's link to the top of relevant search engines results pages (SERPs).

Google Adwords: We create and manage all pay per click advertising campaigns across the Google, Yahoo! and Bing search engine networks. We bid on your important keywords and secure top positions in search engines.

Social Media Marketing: By getting engaged in social media you will get opportunities to grow your brand.

Facebook Marketing: Get the right marketing strategy to increase your FaceBook presence to engage and strengthen your bond with your customers, share valuable content, and make offers to followers.

YouTube Marketing: Take advantage of opportunities by utilising video marketing strategies. YouTube can keep you engaged with your audience.

Mobile Marketing: Take the next step in your mobile marketing strategies and commerce ventures with our team of mobile experts who offer both consultancy, design and development works, providing flexible and accessible solutions.

The world of digital marketing covers a large and complex territory both online and offline. All digital marketers need to understand the inherent relationships between diverse operational areas, applications, technologies and vendors so their digital strategy is effective across platforms and technologies to achieve (and exceed) their KPIs and targeted outcomes.

Today, The Website Marketing Group will share a digital marketing map that shows the relationships between business functions, application services and solution providers. Use it to create a digital marketing solutions strategy, improve operations and plan initiatives.

Digital Agency in Sydney

Using the Map

  • Use this digital marketing map to pinpoint all the best sources for your business. Once you identify the systems that work well together you can put them to work. Referring to a map like this will assist you to:
  • Examine business functions, application tracks and providers, so you can manipulate them for the best synergy that leads to outstanding results.
  • Uncover additional research or form questions about strategy and best practices in addition to your providers, products, and selection criteria.
  • Facilitate discussions and consultation between marketing and IT.

TWMG can show you how the map relates to your unique business. We will steer you through the digital marketing world that sometimes seems complex and laden with intricacies far beyond the uninitiated. Features of the map include:

  • Neighbourhoods that are classified according to function and represent each department of your organisation
  • Tracks link neighbourhoods and have common objectives and information. They may include application services, web servers, and human resources relating to IT.
  • Stations indicate contact and communication between different areas. They often include (but are not limited to) vendor and product categories that deliver on platforms and point solutions.
  • Intersections symbolise transfer points. This is where certain solutions could serve numerous business areas.

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