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Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing helps to promote your business through search engines. Visit us and get your brand promoted appropriately now! Click for details.
Search Engine Marketing Sydney

Search Engine Marketing

Q. " How do I promote my website on search engines? "
A. " Invest in SEO Marketing and PPC Advertising in Sydney "

As a full-service internet marketing agency, The Website Marketing Group can develop and execute search engine marketing solutions that bring you measurable results and increase the amount of business your company generates on the internet. We are Search Engine Marketing experts in Parramatta, Sydney. We can manage all your online marketing requirements including organic SEO marketing and PPC Advertising across the Google and Yahoo Search Marketing networks.

Our search engine marketing service boosts your natural rankings. You need an internet marketing company that delivers results! Across greater Sydney, The Website Marketing Group's solutions have created outstanding website traffic, brand promotion and sales.

The Website Marketing Group specialise in giving the upper hand by managing your PPC campaign with an expert knowledge needed when buying and managing PPC campaigns so you don't waste your money. We create and manage all pay per click advertising campaigns across the Google Adwords and Yahoo! Search Marketing networks. We bid on your important keywords and secure you top positions in search engines. It is without a doubt the easiest and fastest way to drive customers to your website.

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Search engine marketing (SEM) refers to the overall process of marketing a website on search engines such as Google (both paid and unpaid). This includes organic search engine optimisation SEO and pays per click advertising- submitting the right advert, optimising your online advert through style and placement, and ensuring it ranks well by paying for priority positions.

A common misconception of search engine marketing is that all you have to do is submit your website and then you're done. Almost everyone who has tried to this can tell you, it takes more than that to achieve a good ranking. Search engine marketing, and more specifically, search engine optimisation is an ongoing process. You must understand the process to achieve top rankings in the major search engines, and then do something about it. To industry insiders, this process is known as search engine optimisation or SEO. This is where we can help you!

Our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Services

Our services at The Website Marketing group don't end at just building your website. It's all about driving traffic to your website on an ongoing basis as prospective purchasers will be searching for your product or service online and that's what we do "Search Engine Marketing" in Sydney.

Search engine Marketing is a continual process and not a one-off task. For that reason, it must be part of your ongoing marketing budget and now the average marketing manager is spending 20% plus towards Online advertising per year.

Our Search Engine Marketing Services include:

  • Keyword research using word tracker, overture and Google Adwords
  • Link baiting using various techniques applicable to the site
  • Complimentary Google AdWords management Campaign
  • Website submission to Major blogs for links
  • Number of keywords targeted
  • SEO Consulting via phone and meetings
  • Guaranteed Placements
  • Link Popularity Building
  • Monthly Ranking Reports
  • Extensive Competitive Analysis for better search engine ranking performance
  • Technical Support
  • Phone support and online support
  • Spell Checking
  • SEO Copywriting if required
  • Image Optimization
  • Creation of Meta information (title, description, keywords)
  • Hand Submission to Dmoz directory
  • Dmoz title and description optimisation and submission
  • Website Usability Analysis by Usability and copy editing expert
  • Creation of robots text file
  • Resubmission of sites to certain search engines if necessary
  • Submission to important paid inclusion directories
  • MOD_Rewrite / URL rewrite for Dynamic sites for better search engine crawling
  • Buying text link advertisements to increase the link popularity of the site*
  • Signed up contract for yearly placements
  • Website Load time checking with customised tools
  • Search engine submission by hand to all the major search engines
  • Sitemap for better crawling of your site
  • Search Engine Algorithm Updates
  • Guaranteed Website Inclusion into Google Search Engine
  • 100% Guaranteed Uptime during site Modifications
  • Multiple CD Burned backups of Optimised pages and site
  • Yahoo Directory Inclusion*
  • Website Analysis
  • HTML Validation Checking
  • Browser Compatibility checking
  • Social Bookmarking Services
  • Link Baiting
  • Links from good education and Government sites
  • Magazine and Newspaper text links


For 100 to 1500 keywords decided for site
SEO Ranking Setup Fee Pricing

As a guide $2,500 to $9000
Monthly Maintenance Charges
( Optional Depends on the Agreement )
Monthly $250 to $3000
An average site (less than 10 pages) will
take 4-hour maintenance per month.


Our Search Engine Marketing Services Costs

To give you an idea of costing on a media budget here are our fees

PPC campaign management is usually charged by a percentage of the total media spend.

Media Budget
Per Month
Percentage Full Fee
$5,000 25% $1,250
$10,000 24% $2,400
$15,000 23% $3,450
$20,000 22% $4,400
$25,000 21% $5,250
$30,000 20% $6,000
$50,000 19% $9,500
$100,000 18% $18,000
$150,000 17% $25,500
$200,000 16% $32,000
>$200,000 15% $30,000

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