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TWMG Awarded Backend Development Contract for Nancy Ganz Website

TWMG Awarded Backend Development Contract for Nancy Ganz Website

TWMG Awarded Backend Development Contract for Nancy Ganz Website was recently awarded a website development contract for Nancy Ganz, the number one shapewear brand in Australia.

The development project will mostly be focusing on the backend – a job that requires specialist skills and advanced technical expertise in areas including digital strategy, user experience, information architecture, content management, mobile conversion and more.

Backend development essentially covers behind-the scene elements such as the database, servers and overall IT structure of the website. It ensures all of these are working smoothly and in sync with one another, providing users a seamless experience and allowing for scalability and enhancements.

Current Nancy Ganz website to be redeveloped by TWMG

TWMG will launch a complete site overhaul to support the new site design. The layout and style of the header (including the search box, contact us and mini-cart), site menu, banner and footer will all be amended. The site colours, fonts and icons will be changed and tailored for the new theme as well.

The development team will also be creating a new template structure and installing button functionalities for the homepage banners, which will be reconfigured to support the new design. Promotional banners with clickable links and enabled with text edit options will be added to the homepage.

TWMG is also looking into enhancing the functionality of their coupons and deal offers, as well as add a “Buy [x] Get [x]” option for shoppers. A filtering mechanism will be built to allow shoppers to easily search for products and content.

To further boost site content, a video pop-out will be incorporated and the product pages redone to improve layout, add product information and give space for product suggestions. To aid conversions, the checkout process will be optimised through improvements on the shopping cart design and functionality as well as the account registration process.

The signature TWMG protocol to convert the site template into a mobile-friendly version will be implemented. And, as with most TWMG development projects, a content management system will be installed to allow the Nancy Ganz team to manage the new features in admin view.

“The future Nancy Ganz website is envisioned to merge beauty and state-of-the-art functionality. It will offer a convenient, pleasurable experience for customers of this celebrated brand — customers who we all know have impeccable taste,” said Michael Doyle, MD of TWMG.

“We invite everyone to watch out for the unveiling of the new Nancy Ganz website. We at TWMG are thrilled to present innovative digital solutions for a company known to empower and inspire confidence among its customers,” he added.


About Nancy Ganz

Nancy Ganz first hit it big in the 1990s when the brand launched the Hip Slip, a garment that was considered to have revolutionised the intimate apparel industry in Australia. The Hip Slip is a modern, more sophisticated and more stylish version of the girdle, transforming a piece of clothing that was typically thought of as unsightly and uncomfortable to wear.

Another factor that puts Nancy Ganz shapewear ahead of other brands in the market is their commitment to offering personalised solutions to each customer. Their shapewear and swimwear are made of materials that conform to, instead of restrict, the shape of the wearer's body. This material provides maximum support, targets problem areas and enhances the wearer's assets, thanks to the latest fabric technology in Australia.

Today, Nancy Ganz products are available at Myer, David Jones, Farmers (NZ) and leading intimates and swimwear retailers in Australia and New Zealand.

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