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TWMG Unveils New Website for Amber Tiles

TWMG Unveils New Website for Amber Tiles

TWMG recently completed the major redesign of the official website for Australian tiling industry leader Amber Tiles. Since the new Amber Tiles website was launched, it has been receiving great response from visitors, customers, and market insiders and observers who were impressed with the visuals, features and content of the site.

The website is a core component of the digital marketing strategy that TMWG has been working on for Amber Tiles. The tiling company wanted to reenergise their online presence as a way of reaching out to both their new and existing client base. They knew that by investing in a more competitive website, their brand will be able to gain renewed visibility and relevance in today's fast-changing business landscape.

New Amber Tiles Website by Digital Agency Sydney (TWMG)For Amber Tiles, TWMG was the obvious choice for their important website redesign project. TWMG is the go-to agency for Australia's top brands, and has earned a reputation for delivering websites that are visually appealing, easy to use and expertly optimised for high search engine rankings.

The new website breathed new life into the Amber Tiles brand. The design and development team of TWMG came up with a bright and modern look for the site, transforming the brand from reliable and traditional to urban, classy, innovative and technically brilliant.

Some of the elements that make the website stand out are the crisp colours, streamlined layout, contemporary typography and smart content architecture. The close observer may also notice the witty homage of the website theme to the basic dimensions of a tile, which is the central item in Amber Tiles' business. Collectively, these elements made the website a pleasure to look at and use.

Meanwhile, the neatly categorised sections turned the site into a useful resource and inspiration for homeowners, renovation enthusiasts and industry professionals such as builders, architects and designers.

New Amber Tiles Website - Store Locator

From the back-end perspective, all these content are easily updated and organised through the content management system that TWMG also built for the use of Amber Tiles' staff.

“Developing the Amber Tiles website was one of the most exciting projects we did. Rebuilding everything from the top was a challenge, but seeing the solutions come to life and work as we planned it to made the experience very much rewarding,” said Michael Doyle, MD of TWMG.

“We are happy and proud to have this opportunity to work with a respected industry leader who has a deep understanding of innovation and a dedication to deliver more than what is expected. This commitment to top-notch quality and state-of-the-art solutions drove Amber Tiles to where they are today. We're pleased that the new website we created for them also provided them a brand uplift that Amber Tiles rightfully deserves,” Doyle added.

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