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TWMG Rolls Out a Digital Assets Management System for Amber Tiles

TWMG Rolls Out a Digital Assets Management System for Amber Tiles

TWMG recently built a digital asset management (DAM) system for Amber Tiles as a key content marketing solution for the tiling industry leader. The DAM system was designed to arm Amber Tiles with the ability to manage their website content, product information and marketing assets via the easiest, most efficient and most cost-effective workflow possible.

A DAM platform is a key component for bringing together effective website management and results-driven content marketing. It is a Web-based system that allows users to save, search, archive, access and update digital assets from a single hub. These assets include a wide variety of formats, such as text documents, images, logos, videos, forms, PDF files and more.

Amber Tiles Digital Assets Management (DAM) System by Digital Agency Sydney (TWMG)TWMG engineered a DAM system that will specifically address the needs and requirements of Amber Tiles. Since the Amber Tiles website was designed to be a go-to source for inspirational content and technical information for home builders, architects, renovators and designers, the DAM's dashboard offered the capability to upload and update content for the following categories: product information, product feed, marketing calendar, brand documents and safety and training documents.

The DAM platform was also designed to be intuitive as well as easy-to adopt and integrate to existing systems, allowing Amber Tiles staff to publish new posts, edit, update or delete information, and store digital assets for future. Every update they made were instantly reflected on the website, making it easy to keep the site regularly updated with fresh content – a critical element for attracting reader interest and obtaining high search rankings.

By utilising this centralised dashboard, Amber Tiles were able to streamline their workflow, minimise errors and keep track of all brand information and messages released online with just a few clicks. They were able to benefit from a more manageable, more collaborative website management system and easily integrate it to their marketing efforts.

Since the platform provides a central location for all digital assets and product information, it likewise made their content management more efficient, without sacrificing quality. Everything is stored, archived and can be easily accessed via the platform, providing Amber Tiles a more detailed and broader overview of their website information – all of which is essential for strategic marketing and branding.

Amber Tiles - Digital Assets Management (DAM) - Product Information

“The DAM system offered Amber Tiles the following priceless benefits: fast content delivery, efficient end-to-end assets management and an empowered workflow,” said Michael Doyle, MD of TWMG.

“Amber Tiles has always been a strong brand. But with the great resource and capabilities offered by the DAM platform, they are now fast becoming the ultimate powerhouse brand in their industry,” Doyle added.

Centralising digital assets in a single location offers more than just better content management. The ability to access and locate all assets from a central hub allows companies a unique perspective that will arm them with a sharper strategic vision.

Brands looking to enhance their productivity and boost their marketing results can take a look at the DAM solutions that TWMG can customise for them by calling 02 9639 2711 today.


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