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TWMG Launches B&D Doors Intranet Portal

TWMG Launches B&D Doors Intranet Portal

As B&D Doors digital agency, TWMG was proud to launch yet another successful project, the B&D Intranet Portal. The B&D Intranet Portal is a secure and convenient way for B&D Accredited Dealers to access information specific to their business, as well as important tools and resources by B&D.

B & D Doors has a network of 90 + accredited dealers across Australia. It needs to communicate with a range of people within its dealer network, and ensure that different roles within the dealership were given access to the right information. There is a complex network of stakeholders who required access to information and training– this is the solution needed to improve the standards of communication and training which positively boost sales and customer satisfaction.

With the ability to administer and maintain in-house, the scalable communications portal provides up to date and timely information to a range of people in its partner network – from dealership owners and managers through to sales people and repair specialists.

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