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ASX Website Design

The Website Marketing Group has years of experience designing ASX company websites which have satisfied search engines, brand as well as stakeholders.
ASX Website Design Sydney

ASX Website Design

Web Development for ASX Company Websites in Sydney

We specialise in ASX website design and development, search engine optimisation and search engine marketing services for ASX Company websites in Sydney.

We have 11 years of extensive website design and development experience and have launched several large scale ASX Company website solutions in Sydney. These website solutions range from exceptional web design and development, search engine optimisation, robust CMS and web applications, newsletter marketing and Web 2.0 strategies to name a few.

We have worked closely with ASX companies in Sydney to deliver web-based solutions for high demand ASX company business needs. The needs of ASX listed/ Fortune 500 companies websites are different from standard corporate websites. The main difference is that ASX listed company websites are normally much larger websites than a traditional corporate website. Listed companies may have several country variations and have live feeds going, from the stock exchange to the website. There are normally also shareholders specific pages and correspondence that needs to take place between the company and its shareholders. The Website Marketing Group can successfully build these key website elements, as well as effective information delivery.

We are a dedicated, experienced web design and development agency with first class web designers and developers in Sydney. We are determined to deliver ASX companies of low or high profile the best web solutions. Regardless of your corporate level, The Website Marketing Group can provide an effective website solution tailored to your company needs.

How do the websites of the Top 10 Companies of the Fortune 500 compare in terms of Best Online Experience?


For this comparative analysis of websites we define two important dimensions that allow us to rank order each website in terms of Best Online Experience:

  • Ease of Navigation:
    This factor is a combination of the average rate of download of pages and the number of successful page retrievals. A high score for ease of navigation means that users will have quick responses as they work on the website and that they will find very few broken or unavailable pages.

  • Quality Maintenance:
    This factor is based on the relative age of pages found on the website. A well-maintained website has very current information and indicates that great care has been taken to assure the quality of the information.

We used the eValid website analysis engine, programmed (see below) to collect specific metrics that contribute to these factors.To assure accuracy the measurements were done over a short time frame and using identical access capabilities.


The measurements we made on the websites of the Top 10 Fortune 500 Companies produced the relative Best Online Experience comparison chart shown. The data shown are normalised relative values.

ASX Website Design Services in Sydney

The best-performing websites are in the upper right of the chart and the worst-performing websites are in the lower left of the chart.

Individual Summary Results

The table below shows all of the results used to construct the comparative chart.

  • Click to see the eValid Summary Report with the raw data.
  • Click to see the 3D-SiteMap for each WebSite. Here are Animations and Usage Instructions for the 3D-SiteMaps. Right-click anywhere on any 3D-SiteMap for documentation.


To collect the data used in the chart we used the eValid WebSite analysis engine with parameter settings as follows:

  • Search Mode
    We used the HTTP Normal mode which scans pages in the background without using the cache (all pages are freshly downloaded).
  • Depth of Search
    All of these tests were done with a maximum tree depth of 3. Most of these WebSites are many layers deeper.
  • Large Page Threshold
    We chose a relatively small 10 KByte limit for this factor because user response is usually best when the total page size is small. 10 KBytes @ 5 KBytes/second = 2.0 secs.
  • Slow Page Threshold
    We chose a 2.0 sec threshold to decide if a page was slow loading.
  • Old Page Threshold
    Here we chose a threshold of 1 day (24 hrs) to emphasise the stability of the site.
  • Broken/Unavailable Link Counts
    This factor is expressed as a percentage of the total number of URLs visited.
  • Excluded URLs
    To make sure that the report was not biased by the existence of long and very long files -- PDF format files, for example -- these suffixes and a similar set were blocked from consideration.
  • Mapped Links Limit
    Because these corporate WebSites tend to be very large we imposed a 5000-link limit in each run. This limit means that eValid maps only the URLs that give rise to the first 5000 links. After the limit is reached eValid continues to search out properties of the already-enumerated URLs that gave rise to those links.
  • 3D-SiteMap Limit
    For simplicity, the 3D-SiteMaps were made with depth 2, 1000-link limits, and don't include graphics URLs.

Web Access Details

All tests were done on a 384 Kbps (peak performance value) ADSL connection. The data was collected with successive eValid runs during normal business hours.

The Website Marketing Group have over 11 years of experience implementing web design solutions for large corporations, ASX listed companies and Fortune 500 companies. We have an exceptional reputation for professional, quality web design and development services in Sydney. We have the ability to build a website design solution for your corporation. Our designers have website designs, conventions and techniques down to a tee.

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