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Topfield by TOPPRO is a leading consumer electronics company specialising in top-of-the-line home entertainment products such as PVRs, set-top boxes, free view recorders and digital broadcasting appliances, with a large number of retailers across Australia. Established in 1998, Topfield continues to pave the way for the future with their mission to support smart and innovative technologies and their commitment to meet market needs.


Topfield is focused on constantly increasing the competitiveness of their brand and is therefore always on the lookout for customer-oriented methods of promoting their products and distinguished technologies. In line with this initiative, they developed a Facebook-based competition that allows their customers to win amazing weekly prizes and be in the loop on news and updates about the brand.

To launch the contest, Topfield approached The Website Marketing Group to build the promotion site. The site needs to be fully integrated with the newly created Facebook group called Top TV Recordings, as well as the corresponding Twitter account and YouTube channel. It is also expected to provide contest mechanics and other terms and details in a clear and organised manner. Given the nature of the project, it should also be easily refreshed and updated to provide fans and followers real-time developments about the contest.


TWMG developed a stunning promotional website with a full integration of a Facebook page. The site looks and feels like a two-in-one platform, a website and a Facebook page side by side. This setup allows visitors and contest participants to move seamlessly across both channels, encouraging them to actively participate in promotions and to keep up with the latest at Topfield.

Web development technologies utilised for the project: Content Management System, XHTML, XML, CSS, PHP.


Topfield reported a large number of participants as a result of the site and Facebook strategy, building the Top TV Recordings fan base to 284 people and counting. The ease and flow of activity between the promotional site and the brand's social media accounts created a vibrant environment that's conducive for business-client-community conversations. Moreover, Topfield snagged the top 1 spot in search engine results for their niche.

Just like the products that Topfield carries, smart design and innovative technologies empower this social media-based promotion enabling the business to build and nurture customer relationships in a fun, fresh and highly interactive manner.

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