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Q7 Marine specialises in providing the customer with the opportunity to enjoy the most memorable experiences on the water with a commitment to quality service and a passion fo all that is boating. Their intention is to earn the loyalty and trust of their sellers and buyers whom they wish to develop lifetime working relationship and good friendship.


Q7 Marine wanted to create an interactive and competitive online business brand that would attract new clients and maintain relationships with their existing customer base.


The Website Marketing Group successfully created a website that intervenes customer's decision-making process, encouraging consumers to act directly after browsing.

The innovative new Q7 Marine website enables customers to find boats for sale simply and efficiently. The Gallery gives consumers a visual presentation of the boats both inside and out. The News section allows consumers to keep up to date with the latest in the business.

The website features a comprehensive web database, entirely managed through an SEO friendly content management system, providing a comfortable and secure gateway for customers to search for specific boats as well as make enquiries with ease.

The new website design not only embraces all the quality and sophistication that Q7 Marine has built over years, but also is also a highly effective marketing tool.


The Website Marketing Group has essentially been instrumental in attracting a steady increase of internet traffic towards the website, promoting the Q7 Marine brand, developing new customer relationships and generating interest.

Visit: http://q7marine.com.au

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