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Nerd Alert Computer Technicians & IT Solutions was founded by head technician Richard Commissione who has more than 10 years of service to over 1,000 customers around Sydney and almost 4 years of sub-contracting for one of Australia's leading in home and business computer support companies.

The Nerd Alert team is composed of technicians who boast of outstanding qualification, experience and proven track record as IT professionals and experienced PC and Mac specialists. Their technicians are experts in the following fields: computer repair and maintenance, virus detection and removal, Internet and Wi-Fi service, Android & iOS support, new PC or Mac installation service, software and hardware installation & upgrades.


Nerd Alert's greatest strength is their people, who are highly competent in their field and passionate about providing solutions to their customer's computer problems. But the company knows that they can't rely on the excellence of their team alone. If they want to grow, they have to strengthen their marketing strategy so that their potential customers can discover the calibre of service they offer.

As professionals in the field of IT, Nerd Alert clearly understands that the only way to reach out to potential customers is to be visible online. They know that they need to have the right website if they want to strengthen their Web presence. And they know that in order to achieve these goals, they need to work with a company with a good track record – just like them. They appointed The Website Marketing Group to develop a website that will effectively meet their goals.


The Website Marketing Group initially met with the Nerd Alert team to sit down with them and have an in-depth discussion about the business, their online marketing challenges, their goals and expectations from their would-be website. TWMG studied the target visitors of Nerd Alert, as it is important to develop a website with a specific audience in mind.

The Nerd Alert homepage was designed to look smart, innovative and no-fuss – just like the company's brand of service. When they arrive at the homepage, visitors are greeted by a single sliding gallery that occupies the entire screen. The effect is that the visitor gets a clear and focused understanding of the company's speciality, 24-hour service and support expertise.

The Nerd Alert website was done in a bright and sophisticated theme of white, red and black. Design elements such as flat icons, ghost buttons and colour blocks give the site the feel of a high-tech computer service centre. All these design decisions provide the visitor a simple and clean platform for accessing the vital information they are looking for: the kind of computer and IT problems that Nerd Alert can solve, the qualifications of the team for handling such problems, the hours of service, how to reach out to the team for support, and emergency numbers.

To make the Nerd Alert service even more accessible to many customers, the website development project was tied to a search engine optimisation component. Using a strategy tailored for the business and their target audience, TWMG powered the website with SEO that placed it high on search engine rankings and therefore made it more visible on the Web. Moreover, the website is engineered to be mobile-friendly, allowing it to serve the growing number of people who access the Web via their mobile device.

TWMG also anchored the website to a content management system to make it easy for the Nerd Alert team to make additions, updates and maintenance routines with ease and efficiency.


The website created by TWMG for Nerd Alert empowered the marketing strategy of the business, thanks to the improved visibility and credibility it delivered for them. By being easy to find and delivering information effectively, the website provided customers with a fast and easy way to get expert solutions to their urgent IT problems. As a result, business for Nerd Alert picked up and their position in the market continued to become stronger each day.

Visit: http://nerdalert.net.au/

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