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moll-shop Australia: SEO, SEM, & Social Media

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moll is a leading German furniture manufacturer, founded in 1925 as a family business in Baden - Württemberg in Germany.

In operation for over 90 years, moll manufactures office and organisational furniture, including desks and swivel chairs, and is an international leader in the design of children’s desks and chairs. This ergonomic furniture promotes healthy development in children, growing with the child rather than the child outgrowing the furniture. moll’s products are successfully marketed worldwide in over 30 countries, and moll currently delivers to more than 60 countries.

TWMG consulted with moll to discover how our team could help with the company’s plans to expand into the Australian market.

Übersetzen: Translating the Site

Initially, moll contracted TWMG to translate the the company’s existing site from German to English, and create an Australian domain name for their website. 

The benefits of translating business websites into multiple languages vary, including an increase in profitability, more leads and opportunities to gather data on different clients, a greater online reach, a higher market share and international exposure. Studies have shown that consumers prefer to navigate websites in their native language, and tend to trust and use companies who offer multiple language options on their websites. By translating their website into English, moll intended to avail themselves of these benefits and introduce Australian consumers to their quality and innovative product range.

During the translation process, TWMG prioritised the product pages and e-commerce aspects of the site, as these areas contained the most valuable content for our client. As a company based in Sydney, the team at TWMG were also able to personalise the translated content, ensuring that moll’s message was clearly and effectively conveyed to Australian users.

Programmieren: Setting up eWAY

During the translation process, the team at TWMG offered to install a payment gateway into the website, allowing Australian users to purchase and order moll products from overseas.

TWMG chose the Australian company eWAY as the payment gateway provider for moll. eWAY is used by 25% of Australian merchants in the local market, and trades in 8 countries. TWMG recommends this particular provider because eWAY provides easy registration and set-up, developer tools to link the gateway to existing sites, online security in the form of anti-fraud software monitored by staff, and online tools and friendly staff to solve any issues which may arise.

With the installation of eWAY, moll is now able to sell their German-developed and manufactured products easily in the Australian market.

Soziale Medien: Social Media Management

TWMG will also be further aiding moll in the evolution of their company in 2018, taking on the role of providing moll with social media management, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) services.

In this endeavor, TWMG will be focusing on highlighting moll’s reputation for providing innovative solutions for their clients and designing and creating high-quality and functional furniture that meets all standards for ergonomics, durability and customization.

We will update you on the results of our ongoing work for moll in the near future.

Check out moll’s website.

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