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LJW Solar is a third generation solar company with over 25 years of experience, with a history that boasts of thousands of successful installations and satisfied customers throughout NSW. An Australian-owned family business, LJW Solar is respected for their reputation built on quality and our commitment to continuous improvement. Their mission is to make a difference in protecting the environment through the use of renewable energy.


LJW Solar is a company championing the responsible use of renewable energy, so a typical business or corporate website is not enough to serve their advocacy. What they needed was a website with a cause: it should have the ability to disseminate technical information in an interesting and easy-to-grasp manner, the facility to promote the brand and earn support for its products and what they stand for, and the power to inspire their audience to make the right choice.

Since renewable power is still gradually gaining mainstream reception, it was vital for the website to emphasise the performance and reliability of LJW Solar. It should carry the following core messages: LJW Solar directly sources the best quality renewable energy solutions; they only purchase proven and tested quality components from reputable suppliers; and they are the eminent source for tools for consumers interested in the wind or solar power.

LJW Solar required a website that will strengthen their ties with supporters and win over the sceptics.


The Website Marketing Group tackled the serious undertaking by first plotting a winning online marketing strategy that will showcase LJW Solar solutions, backing them up with information and facts-based evidence. We worked on developing a website with a clean, bright and positive look and feel, reflecting the outlook and vision of the brand. Contact information and badges of recognition were placed on the most visible areas of the homepage for ease of communication and to improve customer confidence and trust.

The layout was simple and straightforward, a nod to LJW's mission to provide energy sources with a lighter global footprint and also a technique to eliminate distractions, providing visitors with an unhampered view of how solar power can make a difference in their lives. We also focused on making the site responsive and lightweight; the site contents and features will be robust but we wanted to ensure speed and ease of navigation.

It was also important to integrate social media channels to further encourage conversations between the business and their target audience. Another critical feature is the “Request Quote” tool, which serves a dual purpose: offer customers a more concrete and specific pricing estimate without obligations and provide LJW Solar the ability to track customer response, interest and capture basic visitor information.

To bring these all together, we equipped the site with a customised content management system to enable LJW administrators easy control of the site and the ability to maintain and update its text, images and basic code as needed with utmost efficiency.

Web Development Technologies: Content Management System, PHP, XHTML, CSS, and XML.


The website development and online marketing strategy implemented by The Website Marketing Group was instrumental in providing LJW Solar the online visibility and reach they urgently needed to further expand their brand. The undertaking significantly boosted search results, heightened brand awareness and raised overall conversions of LJW Solar. It also achieved the overarching objective to “shine the light,” so to speak, on the benefits of solar energy and empowered more consumers into taking the first step by knowing more about the solutions that LJW Solar offers.

Visit: www.ljwsolar.com.au

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