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Hunter Scrap Car is a family-owned business based in Hunter, NSW, operating their cash for car removal services for more than 5 years now. Their steady growth is credited to the personalised, fast and dependable customer service they provide: They offer upfront payments immediately upon removal. They encourage environmentally responsible choices when it comes to recycling unwanted vehicles and making them useful (and profitable) again. Their friendly staff is well-liked for their fast and fuss-free transport, collection, cleaning and dismantling of scrap cars.

The Hunter Scrap Car team's specialisation is removal services for all types of unwanted cars, junk cars, free car removals, wrecked cars and smashed cars in the local community. They also engage in the recycling of old cars and scrap metal.


Hunter Scrap Car may not be a huge enterprise yet, but their business is fast growing and the industry they're in is getting more and more competitive and saturated each day. Moreover, the customers that they commonly serve are people who are actively looking for fast results. Therefore the challenge for them is to boost their customer reach – fast, in the most effective, sustainable way possible. As a community-based, family-run enterprise, they need the solution to be hassle-free and cost-efficient, too.


The Website Marketing Group came up with a website development strategy that will provide Hunter Scrap Car with the highest impact, without the time-consuming and labour-intensive work and huge costs for them.

The first key action step we took was to develop a logo for the company. We conceptualised and created 9 logo variations for Hunter Scrap Car owners to choose from. They selected the modern classic logo with the company name in blue font and an image of a hunter-archer rendered in red, flowing strokes.

The website theme was inspired and informed by the logo: a classic, masculine white, red and blue colour theme and a hero image of a stylised photo of used and scrap cars. A sliding photo gallery was also added to showcase actual photos on the Hunter Scrap Car grounds. The call to action is bold and located front and centre, allowing visitors to easily get a quote after filling up a short information form.

Under the hood of this fully optimised website is an SEO-friendly content management system, allowing Hunter Scrap Car owners to make amendments or add updates to their site easily, even if they have no coding or development experience.


The new website gained the attention of both their loyal customers in the community wanting to make further comparisons and potential clients who are still making initial research. Aside from the significant spike in site traffic, the number of inquiries and actual sales has also gone up, proving a remarkable increase in customer reach.

The Hunter Scrap Car team is pleased to be able to continue to strengthen their relationships with previous customers and build new ones with first-time visitors. It's a valuable lesson for businesses that something as “simple” as a logo and website design if planned and executed brilliantly, can convince wary customers to take the first step and know more about what they offer. With the help of the attention-grabbing call to action and opt-in feature, the Hunter Scrap Car is able to organise client information and build on their client database as they continue to grow their business.

Check out their site: http://www.hunterscrapcar.com.au/

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