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GCA Travel and Tours is full-service travel agency offering completely tailored itineraries that cater to each of their customers' personal requirements. Their fleet of highly experienced consultants is armed with industry knowledge and international contacts which are instrumental in streamlining the process and creating boutique travel packages. Fast response time to queries, corporate knowledge and competitive prices make them one of the most in-demand in the market.

GCA Travel and Tours is a division of Group Colleges Australia, a well-established, professional Registered Training Organisation.


GCA Travel and Tours has for years been the go-to source for smart travel. Moreover, the market they serve – Australian outbound tourists and travellers – have become increasingly keen on exploring local and overseas destinations that are the speciality of GCA Travel.

Despite the optimistic outlook, however, the challenges of marketing in a highly competitive industry remain. Today's travellers prefer to consult the Internet before they plan a trip, pick a destination or select a travel agency or package. GCA needed their brand to be highly visible in the online platform in order to connect with this market of interested and active travellers.

GCA commissioned The Website Marketing Group to revitalise their existing website and make it more oriented toward serving the needs of the tourism audience, which is key to generating massive and consistent interest for their services and offers. They needed a website that's not just simply good looking but is actually a moving, dynamic force that puts their business forward.


The website we made for GCA Travel was designed to inspire wanderlust – while emphasising that going away to a dream holiday can be a practical reality with the help of a trusted travel agency. Images of stunning destinations, representations of modern travel, and photos of relaxed, thrilled and awestruck vacationers drive the GCA slogan: “Launching adventure!”

The core of GCA services is to make travel fun, easy and hassle-free. We made sure their website provides exactly the same experience. With the handpicked functionalities and intelligent navigation, vital, useful pieces of information are delivered to every user efficiently and via a visual presentation that entices them to stay and further explore the site.

The Website Marketing Group designed the site to behave like a virtual travel agency desk. Contact channels and information are easily located so interested parties can make enquiries conveniently. The travel packages and information are organised into main categories including corporate, leisure, family, adventure, cruises, tours and student. A quick link to the quote request functionality was installed on the homepage.

The entire website is anchored to a custom search engine optimisation platform, driving more traffic to the site. TWMG has also set up a content management system for the GCA for efficient site control and updates.

Web Development Technologies: Content Management System, PHP, XHTML, CSS, and XML.


The new GCA Travel and Tours website looked good and performed even better, engaging and converting a bigger market share for the travel agency. Thanks to smartly organised and compellingly displayed content, sophisticated SEO and user-focused design, a huge part of website visitors eventually turned into active customers of GCA.

Visit: http://gcatravel.com.au

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