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Elf Mushrooms is a family-owned company dating back to 1960 that has grown to become the second largest mushroom producer in New South Wales (NSW). They produce approximately 3 million kilogrammes of mushrooms annually and employ 130 permanent employees.

Currently, two generations of the Tolson family are involved in the mushroom production with Rob Tolson producing the substrate for mushrooms and the second generation of boys, Robert, Kevin and David Tolson all managing their own mushroom farms situated in the Hawkesbury/Nepean Valley.

A proud believer of sustainable farming practices, the Elf Mushrooms family make a continuous effort to encourage the use of spent mushroom compost for home gardens, horticulture, agriculture and viticulture. They diligently practice recycling and employ food and water saving processes for mushroom production.


Elf Mushrooms needed an online presence to match their market share and put them digitally ahead of their competitors. They wanted a website that could provide useful and vital information to their audience, serve as a platform for connecting with their customers, and help them grow their business.


The Website Marketing Group designed a website that will capture and showcase the essence of the Elf Mushrooms family business. The theme was rustic and modern at the same time, earthy, clean and simple. The website tone and aesthetics provided visitors with the feel of the business and instantly clued them in on what the brand has to offer.

The site content leant toward practical and readily applicable advice, so we made sure to present them in an intuitive and coherent manner. Four categories were displayed on the homepage: Recipe Collection, which features links to mushroom recipes complete with dietary information; Products page, which points users where to buy their vast range of mushrooms; Spent Compost Uses; and Spent Mushroom Compost information page, which also contained an online quote form. The quote feature can likewise be accessed as a pull-out tab on the right-hand side of the screen.

Additional features were installed to facilitate business efficiency: staff login, online contact form and vacancy positions page. The entire website is fully optimised to further boost visibility and search rankings.

Keeping in mind the continuing growth and expansion of Elf Mushrooms, we set up a streamlined content management system (CMS) and provided CMS training support to site administrators, allowing them to easily update and refresh the content whenever necessary without hindering business operations.


The Website Marketing Group delivered a website that matched the client's expectations in terms of both visual appeal and functionality. Through The Website Marketing Group's SEO endeavours, the site features on the first page of Google for targeted keywords in their niche.

Impressive visual and functionality design, top-notch user experience, efficient site admin and online marketing capabilities make the Elf Mushrooms site a great example of a unique, premium, branded website.

Visit: http://elf.net.au

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