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Countrywide Cafe Of The Year

TWMG provide web design and development, Digital marketing services for Countrywide

Countrywide Cafe Of The Year
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Countrywide Food Service Distributors are an Australian company that holds the title of the largest national group of independent foodservice wholesalers.

Countrywide distributes food services to all establishments and outlets where food is consumed outside the home. With over 115 Distributors across Australia, Countrywide’s clients include cafes, restaurants, pubs, hotels, aged care facilities, schools, fast food outlets, caterers, bakeries and franchise organisations.

In July of 2017, Countrywide approached The Website Marketing Group with a brief for a brand-new website to be developed for a competition they were hosting. This website needed to be ready to launch by the beginning of January 2018. 

Accepting the challenge, TWMG sat down with our client to discuss how our web design and digital marketing expertise could be put to use.

Wake up and Smell the Coffee: Defining the Project

Countrywide had discovered through their company reward program that cafes were the biggest market for their wholesale distributors.

In light of this, Countrywide decided to launch a ‘Countrywide Cafe of the Year’ competition to begin in February 2018, which cafes could enter if they had recently purchased from a Countrywide distributor. Entrants would be eligible for a regional or overall prize of ‘Cafe of the Year’, as voted by their own customers. Registered entrants would receive Marketing Kits and social media guidelines to promote themselves in the competition. Countrywide intended for this competition to help them attract more leads and gain valuable data on their clients.

The website therefore had two purposes: to promote and allow for the registration of entrants from cafes around Australia, and as a place for cafe patrons to vote for their favourite cafe. As an incentive, 10 patrons who voted in the competition would win free coffee for a year from their cafe.

Roasting the Beans: Designing the Website

In designing the website for Countryside, the TWMG team made it our objective to achieve the goals set out by our client.

Firstly, the website needed to be fun, creative, and easy to use, allowing engagement with users and attracting leads and traffic to Countrywide’s main website. In order to achieve this, the website needed to be engaging, colorful and informative, both about the Cafe of the Year competition as well as about Countrywide itself. Countrywide also required the inclusion of an analytics program, in order to analyse the statistics of the website and capture valuable data.

Secondly, the website needed to have advanced form functionality to process cafe registrants and voters. It was estimated that there could be more than 2000 registrants and over 50 000 voters. Therefore, there needed to be an emphasis on speed and mobile responsiveness so the user experience would be seamless on both mobiles and other devices.

Thirdly, the design of the website needed to be consistent with the Countrywide brand, while effectively conveying the excitement and value of the Cafe of the Year competition.

A Perfect Brew: The Finished Product

In the Countrywide Cafe of the Year website, TWMG have delivered a product that is innovative and impressive in design, functionality and information. 

Our choice of the content management system (CMS) is user-friendly, with information and new pages able to be easily added. Entrants will be able to quickly and effectively find their nearest distributor, and entries and votes are integrated with Countrywide’s existing email marketing platform. Countrywide will also be able to collect and analyse the data collected from visitors to the competition site.

Furthermore, we have created a modern, fresh, sophisticated, innovative and food-related design for the website, which ties in with Countrywide’s existing logo and related marketing materials.

The team at TWMG are pleased to present the completed Countrywide Cafe of the Year website.

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