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CMICA: SEO and Website Design

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CMICA is a nationally-accredited, much-renowned private cricket and sports development academy in Australia. Spearheaded by coach and cricket icon Craig McDermott, CMICA is the cricket coaching school of choice for domestic and international aspiring cricketers today. The professional, results-based, high-performance curriculum that combines sports development and practical cricket skills provide rapid development and prepare graduates for a career in the cricket industry.

Objectives - Leading the way with CMICA

To build awareness of the brand, CMICA thought it was only fitting to have a website that reflected the academy's excellence. They wanted a website that worked seamlessly across all devices, and that hooked up to their CRM system to manage applications from Australia and overseas. CMICA appointed The Website Marketing Group to design and develop the new website. What they had in mind was something sleek and simple, something fitting for their target audience. We accepted the challenge!


The Website Marketing Group devised a website development strategy geared to make CMICA stand out in their highly competitive industry. We unified the look, feel and content of the website to make it focused on increasing brand awareness, trust and familiarity.

CMICA has diversified cricket programmes and classes – to make it clear to students how these classes will help them improve their skills and achieve a better performance in playing cricket professionally. The content was categorised into main pages namely the Programs page, the Benefits page, and Gallery. Information was presented in multimedia formats, from articles to PDFs to videos.


A few weeks later, the website came to life! The light, breezy, cool look instantly relays what the brand and the products they offer is all about. The content is informative and compelling, whilst the CTAs deliver conversions. The backbone of the website is an SEO-friendly content management system (CMS) which allows CMICA to make urgent changes with the click of a few buttons.
We are delighted to present to you the website of Craig McDermott International Cricket Academy (CMICA).

Visit the website: www.cmica.com.au

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