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Bond Loans is an established rental bond loans specialist, delivering thousands of small personal loans from $1000 to $5000 to meet the needs of thousands of Australians since 2004. They deliver bond loans and relocation funding and can also assist with small personal loans for any worthwhile purpose such a new car, holiday, wedding or cover an unexpected bill.

Bond Loans offers personal loans, unsecured loans, fast cash loans, emergency cash loans, bad credit loans and poor credit loans across Australia. They are trusted for their responsible lending practices, long-term customer relationships and fast but thorough application process.


Bond Loans was challenged by the market's lack of understanding and trust for companies offering financial services. They knew that they should be using an online platform in order to provide accurate information to their target audience fast and to convince them of the reliability of their company.

The Website Marketing Group was commissioned to develop Bond Loans' website. The objective is to make the website a comprehensive information hub for all of the company's products and services. It should highlight the unique qualities of Bond Loans that make them the preferred personal loans provider.


The Website Marketing Group created a strategic development plan that will communicate the clear and consistent value of Bond Loans solutions to their target customers.

This involved coming up with a design that is specifically made for attracting the interest of visitors and educating them on the company's products and services at the same time.

Strategically located features such as the “Apply Now” button make it easy for visitors to take action. This button directs to an online application form which will be used to facilitate and move the application process in real time.

To further highlight the company's credentials and credibility, a testimonials page featuring quotes and videos make the experience more immersive and engaging. The images used on the homepage and across the other pages featured on people, not products, which is aimed to trigger an emotional response from the target audience.

The site content was quite heavy with the number of product categories and multimedia integration, so we built the site using custom, responsive development to make sure it performs without issues across various platforms and devices. Search engine optimisation and a content management system were employed for maximum results.


The Bond Loans website succeeded in creating an emotional connection with their target audience. This resulted in increased business credibility which in turn translated to more enquiries and improved conversions. Today, the website is still the go-to resource for smart and reliable financial services.


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