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Billing Solutions is a highly professional team specialising in accounting services. They have over 30 years' experience with financial management, specialising in payables and receivables for business professionals. Billing Solutions administer effective billing and collection through a simple online system that clients can use.

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Billing Solutions required an online platform to host their innovative Web-based invoicing process. The system allows clients to simply send details online, via computer, laptop or smartphone, for the expert team at Billing Solutions to manage and resolve.

The Website Marketing Group was assigned to create the website that will serve as the core component of the services and solutions offered by Billing Solutions. The website needs to be fast and responsive and should be powerful and sophisticated enough to complement Billing Services' innovative technology.


The Website Marketing Group came up with a complete design and technical solution to build a high-performing, adaptive and secure website that will complement the cutting-edge services of Billing Solutions.

The website was designed to be cohesive and concise. The information structure, layout and navigation were all engineered to provide users with a simple, direct and fast platform for outsourcing their accounting processes. Only two sections are necessary: Apply and Client Login.

Despite the ultra-functional purpose of the website, we still made it a point to come up with a visually pleasing interface. Coming up with a sleek and polished website emphasised the professional identity and trustworthiness of Billing Solutions. Moreover, the appealing design is expected to lead to better functionality and an enhanced user experience.

A crucial focus is ensuring the security of the website. To ensure client information is well protected, we invested in the most trusted data and privacy software to protect and secure the site. Another key component is to make the website work across a wide range of devices and browsers so that the Billing Solutions core clients – busy business owners on the go – will be able to access it anytime and anywhere they are.


The Billing Solutions website provided a platform that simplified one of the most complex, time-intensive tasks of running a business. It has captured the interest of a lot of businesses and a significant number of them have signed up for Billing Solutions services.

The functional beauty and usability of the website say one thing: Billing Solutions means business, which is exactly what their target market is looking for.

Visit: http://www.billingsolutions.com.au

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