Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is exploding; harness the revolution. New Mobile marketing strategies for more business anytime, anywhere.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is the new frontier for any businesses nowadays. It used to be e-marketing, but these days mobile marketing's reach extends far beyond what e-marketing could offer. 

Our mission is to simplify the emergence of a mobile strategy by enabling enterprises to secure, manage, and deploy mobile apps to deliver new levels of productivity, collaboration, workforce management and intelligence on the move. Our approach is designed to deliver by aligning to our customers’ strategy and key business drivers, to enable them to go mobile iteratively and within budget.

We know the mobile market trend and work closely with every client to understand their strategic business objectives and success metrics, we study customer behavior and find smart ways to enhance their productivity by adding a mobile layer. Our key differentiator is our holistic approach to the Mobile enterprise, a one stop shop with the ability to execute on time and on budget but most importantly leveraging our expertise in agile development which ensures the fastest time-to-market and rapid response to ever changing customer needs.
Let’s take a look at the important benefits mobile marketing has to offer!

  • Huge market potential. There are over one billion smart devices in the world and over 50% of mobile users in Australia have a smartphone. The marketing potential is virtually limitless.
  • Instant reachability. Most users keep their devices on and within arm’s reach. Messages and notifications can arrive and be read in mere seconds.
  • Easier and cheaper to work with. It’s easier and faster to create mobile content than it is to design web content. The quick mobile content also makes it simpler to offer specials and promotional information in real time to the users.
  • Convenience. The size of the screen makes it much easier to design for by limiting the scope. You won’t have a full website, you’ll have a simplified version on your mobile website or app. Plus, you can now design for multiple platforms.
  • Tracking responses. Now, the open rates, where they are open, and user activity can be tracked almost instantaneously. This means that you can you the data to improve future mobile marketing campaigns and streamline them even further.
  • Potential to go viral. Everyone has seen those famous videos with millions of hits. It’s because the content is interesting and it is super easy to share. With just the click of a button a user can invite all their friends to view engaging content.
  • Communication to the masses. Desktop computers may be becoming a thing of the past. More people own mobile devices now than computers. Mobile marketing makes it easy to communicate with those people.
  • Personalization. Have users in different areas? You can tailor the messages they receive and read to their zone. Create unique promotions in their area that can even be specific to their interests.
  • Niche not saturated. Mobile advertising is a market that is only beginning to be explored by small to medium-sized businesses. That means there is plenty of potential for your business to make its mark.
  • Easy payments. Mobile apps are now modernizing the transaction process. A payment can be made simply over a mobile website or through an app and no cash actually has to pass hands and the user does not need to wait in line.
  • Social networking. Social media is free advertising for you. Create amazing content and your users will want to talk about you to all their friends.

Call us today on 1300 911 772 to enquire about your way to mobile marketing and get ahead of the competition!

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