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Are you wasting money on AdWords?

Are you trying Google advertising to gain more leads and customers? Most of the marketers are still struggling on how to make Google AdWords work. Based on the traditional sense of advertising, your AdWords text is your creation. It is important since it does affect several aspects related to your return on investment.

Why has Google Advertising been so successful for some while a waste of money for others?

Google enables you to set up an AdWords Account in minutes and makes you think sales or leads will be coming straight away. You jump into it without any planning, strategy or optimisation. Poorly organised campaigns are given low ‘quality score’, which results in high cost per click. You start paying for completely unrelated clicks.

While Google has made it simple to set up a campaign; making an AdWords campaign successful is difficult and producing a return on investment from your advertising spend is more complex than you think. Too many brave business owners have tried and failed to tame Google AdWords. It can be one of the most profitable advertising channels available to your business when it's done correctly.

Google makes it far too easy for small businesses to waste money on poor performing campaigns. The proper use of the AdWords interface is complicated and yet the service is directly marketed at small business owners. Business owners opening accounts themselves do not have the time or knowledge and so inevitably wind up wasting money on ad campaigns and then ultimately concluding that Google advertising does not work for them.

The default setting of the campaign in Google AdWords has just one goal; generate clicks as much as possible, which is obviously good for Google and should be good for you too if those clicks are making any conversions.

Default settings in Google AdWords

  • Networks: Search & Display Network – user behaviour is different for both networks. A user reading information on the content network about a product or service is not ready to buy yet.
  •  Devices: Ads will show on all types of devices - Desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets. User behaviour is different for each device.         
  • Location: Country.  Your ad will be shown all over the country even though your business is limited to a local area.         
  • Bidding and budget: AdWords will set your bids to help maximise clicks within target budget.          Keyword match type: Broad. Your ad will appear for your chosen search terms, relevant variations of your keywords, including synonyms, singular and plural forms, possible misspellings, stemmings (such as floor and flooring), related searches and other relevant variations or any combination of keywords. For ‘dog house’, you can get a click for ‘house dog’.

Frustrated by the situation, when a client comes to us for help with their ad campaigns, we usually find the following common mistakes:

Default setting: Campaign is using default setting which leads to unrelated traffic without any conversions.

Single campaign: All unrelated adgroups are under a single campaign. Example: all adgroups related to ‘kitchen’ and ‘bathroom’ should have ‘kitchen’ and ‘bathroom’ campaigns respectively.

Unrelated keyword theme in the same adgroup: A single adgroup should be based on a single keyword theme. Example: ‘kitchen design’ and ‘kitchen designer’ should be in different adgroups.

Single creative (ad text, image or video) in the adgroup: Ideally, each keyword should have at least 2-4 ads.

Absence of keywords in ad text: Ad text must contain keywords; ideally in the headline. This makes keywords and the ad more relevant.

Not using triggers: Triggers (promotion, discounts, asking a question etc.) make users curious and interested & encourage them to visit your site.

Ads leading to unrelated page or home page: Ideally, every adgroup should have its own landing page. This makes ads more relevant and improves the ‘quality score’ leading to a higher conversion.

Not using negative keywords: Using keywords as broad and not using negative keywords leads to unnecessary impressions leading to lower CTR and higher cost per click. Ads for broad match ‘new kitchen’ can show up for ‘new kitchen appliance’.

Low budget: Bidding on highly competitive and generic keywords with a lower budget leads to quick exhaustion of the daily budget.

Not leveraging the ‘buying cycle’: This one of the most important factors overlooked not only by the business owners but also by a lot of Google AdWords service providers. In each buying cycle the customers’ behaviour is different.

Awareness: Customer identifies a need. (Her kitchen looks dull or cabinets are falling apart).

Consider alternatives: She evaluates different alternatives available to satisfy the need. (Renovate the kitchen or install a new kitchen?)  

Preference: She makes a decision.

Compare: She starts to compare cost, quality and trustworthiness. At this stage she is ready to make a commitment.

Purchase: She orders her new kitchen.

We create and manage all pay per click advertising campaigns across the Google, Yahoo! And Bing search engine networks. We bid on your important keywords and secure you top positions in search engines. The Website Marketing Group’s Adwords Qualified team specialise in giving the upper hand by managing your PPC campaign with expert knowledge needed when buying and managing PPC campaigns so you don't waste your money.

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