Customer Engagement

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Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Today’s customers expect to interact with your brand online and via social media. Almost every company knows this, including your competitors, so you need a made-to-order customer engagement strategy to find (and keep!) customers, and grow your business.

To be a brand leader you need to be active in rolling out a customer engagement strategy as soon as possible because it is a series of initiatives and ongoing activities across time. Think of it as a marathon not a sprint.

Over time your uniquely designed customer engagement strategy will:

  • Improve customer retention rates,
  • Keep customers loyal, and
  • Increase their satisfaction with your brand, products and services.

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Different engagement methods (known as channels) are needed for all the subgroups in your target audience. You are engaging with groups of people yet you need to relate to them as individuals too. How do you do this? TWMG shows you how to use a multi-channel approach in your strategic plan and explain why it will get you the best business results over time.

Learn more about your customers so you can change your business practices and processes in rapid response to customer opinions and expectations. Using social to communicate with customers means information goes in both directions; into your company and out to customers too.

Whichever communication channels you use, the aim is to keep clients using your products and services over a long period of time. Customers decide which channel they like. Some will like FaceBook or Twitter, yet others will respond to a regular personalised email or newsletter. TWMG can guide you on getting a mix that is right for you and your customers. Our team will create a mix that is right for your business’ growth and success using:

Promotions and campaigns: We develop targeted online strategies to help you achieve your business goals and ensure your brand reaches the largest possible audience.

Product innovation: We use a combination of creative and analytics to achieve high conversion and traffic driving capabilities to give your business the competitive edge to stand out in the online marketplace.

Brand innovation: Create and communicate an extremely strong and successful brand by using our extensive creative experience.  We create the right amount of buzz to make your brand stand out from your competitors.

Social media applications: Intelligent applications that help your staff get their work done more efficiently and effectively, and also to provide value to your audience and add to your bottom line.

Promotional Microsites: Hosting, development and design of creative and tactical campaigns to meet your marketing objectives. We make sure your target audience is engaged, that your message is widespread, and that you have analytics, traffic reports and ecommerce as needed. 

Customer engagement is crucial for your company’s growth and success, here’s why:

  1. Customer-focused solutions and products.
  2. Identify trends and act on them quickly. 
  3. Measure your marketing activities effectiveness.
  4. Insight into the customer experience. See what they are saying about your business, and learn how they think and feel.
  5. Respond quickly to customer feedback in real time.
  6. Know who is dissatisfied so you can help them and keep them as a customer.
  7. Customer incentives for posting regularly on FaceBook or Twitter about how happy customers are with your brand will motivate them to spread the word.
  8. Reward customers via a loyalty scheme and they become more committed to your brand.
  9. Loyalty rewards and earning points keeps customers from switching to another brand.
  10. Because the customer chooses how to interact with your brand they are more likely to up date their details so you can communicate with them over a long period.
  11. Your brand gets more positive exposure because being rewarded gets customers talking creates a vibe on social media.
  12. Online communities are a place for you interact with your customers. And they can interact with other customers too. 
  13. Your brand’s unique selling point becomes a part of your customer’s identity.

Working with TWMG  improves your customer engagement for better business outcomes. Start today to reap the rewards tomorrow.

Contact us on 1300 911 772 to ask about a customised customer engagement strategy that is right for you and your customers.

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