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Smokers Supplies

Website Development, SME


Smokers Supplies is a family-owned business with more than a decade of experience in the tobacco industry. They aim to provide the best cigar and smoking products from Cuba, Sumatra, Central America and around the globe, all at excellent prices. Smokers Supplies has an extensive range of smoking products including: mass market cigars, premium cigars, private label cigars, pipe tobacco and more. They offer delivery services to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and outer Suburbs.


Smokers Supplies is a leading name in their industry. As part of their commitment to constantly seek new and innovative ways to move their product range forward, they wanted to make use of the best platforms and technologies that will help them deliver better services while further strengthening their brand.

Smokers Supplies approached The Website Marketing Group to develop an online product catalogue. They needed a website that will showcase their cigar and smoking products, generate leads and engage a bigger customer base.


The Website Marketing Group developed a superior, high-impact website that created a bold and engaging campaign for Smokers Supplies.

Inspired by the premium experience that Smoker Supplies cigars offer, we came up with a website design that looks and feels luxurious, handcrafted and bespoke. Rich brown tones, layered visual textures and a modern vintage branding evoke the image of an elite gentlemen's smoking lounge.

The central zone of the website is the Product page, featuring the elite range of premium and mass produced cigars, pipe tobacco, accessories, herbal products, roll your own tobacco and cigarettes by Smoker Supplies. Each product is identified with a name, description, code and an image, which has an enlarge function.

The Industry News section was visualised as a pull-out tab, to minimise distractions in products page while providing convenient access to trends, updates and news on new products and the smoking world in general. An opt-in registration form was also installed to further extend customer reach and engagement.

The website runs on a sophisticated search engine optimization platform that has effectively placed Smokers Supplies on the number one results for smoking accessories and premium imported cigars on Google.

Web Development Technologies: Content Management System, Java Script, XHTML, and CSS.


The website received rave reviews from users who were impressed by its visual appeal that didn’t sacrifice functionality, usability and accessibility. It was literally the “gateway to the world's finest smoking accessories and premium imported cigars,” as their tagline declares. Since the launch of the website, Smoking Supplies has been able to reach a broad audience and significantly increase its market share.

Visit: www.smokerssupplies.com.au

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