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Perram and Timmins Funerals

Website Development, SME


Perram and Timnis is an Australian-owned family company created with the intention of providing funeral services according to the needs of modern families. Known for their unparalleled standards, Perram and Timnis is owned and managed by the original Timmins family who have been caring for Sydney’s families for over 50 years.


Perram and Timmins has been in the business for more than half a century. They operate by the motto: "No funeral is the same" and thus their funerals are individually and personally designed to each and every client. In this regard, they are very different from their competitors. Instead of offering packages like their competitors, Perram and Timmins' personalised funeral service allow for individual needs of every client, giving them plenty of room to adjust and change funeral plans according to their needs. 

The Website Marketing Group was tasked to revive their website, make it stand out above its competitors, and possibly convert users and engage more customers.


The Website Marketing Group revitalized Perram and Timnis’ website by showcasing their strong focus on funerals that have been individually and personally designed to celebrate the life of a loved one. With the use of sliding hero images bearing company quotes and taglines in the homepage, the website was able to define the company, what it does, and how is it different from their competitors.

Due to the nature of the client's business, a particular consideration towards their user presents a challenge for TWMG. The new website was able to present the extent of the company business in very systematic categories. Users of the site will neither be lost nor overwhelmed with all the contents, as they are presented in very logical and intuitive narratives, complete with bread crumbs that tell the users where exactly they are.

The use of technology is maximized in terms of accessibility. Google Translate provides a platform for translating the pages' contents into different languages, taking into consideration Australia's multicultural communities. The option to increase the sizes of the text is cleverly utilised, again with the intention of being considerate to the site's users.

To increase Google ranking, all the contents were optimised for search engines, using standard SEO strategies. The footer in every page says it all. TWMG's marketing strategy gets the site featured on first page of Google search and makes users stay long enough to send an inquiry.

A user-friendly Content Management System was developed, allowing the client to make changes or updates in the site. This provides the client a system to post important updates, regardless of the volume. All searchable, of course, with the clever deployment of a search bar in every page.

Web Development Technologies: Content Management System, PHP, XHTML, CSS, and XML.


The website brought about a significant increase in traffic and conversion for the business. Informative, compelling and uplifting, it clearly shows Perram and Timnis’ strong grasp of the intricacies of funerals, defining them as the reliable, professional organisation to trust. 


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