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Mr. Fothergills NZ

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Mr Fothergill's began selling seed to garden shops and centres in 1978. Today, supplies to international markets including NZ and Australia and direct to the customer through mail order.

Mr. Fothergill’s NZ offers gardeners the most comprehensive seed range on the market today, as well as an impressive collection of microgreens and sprouts, including beginner-friendly growing options.

Mr. Fothergill’s delivers high quality and affordable products. Their range covers both flower and vegetable varieties (Including New Zealand exclusives), allowing gardeners more options for their dream gardens.

Quality is paramount to the Mr. Fothergill’s brand. Their seeds are adherent to not only legislative requirements as well as their own high internal quality benchmarks. The Mr. Fothergill’s NZ team happily guarantee that all of their seeds will grow; if not, they will send a replacement immediately, no questions asked.


Mr. Fothergill’s NZ is the go-to source for reliably high quality seeds for a growing number of gardeners in NZ today. They’re also known as the local expert since their seeds are packed through reputable NZ suppliers, and meet the rigid set of standards set by the Mr. Fothergill’s brand.

With the home gardening community being a niche and tight-knit community, a big chunk of their sales come from the fact that they are an established brand and from word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied customers as well. To further boost the business, Mr. Fothergill’s wanted to build up their online presence – a proven way to strengthen relationships with existing customers and connect with new ones.

Mr. Fothergill’s appointed The Website Marketing Group to build a new website. They wanted a site that looks attractive, is easy to use and effective in delivering useful information to gardeners, from curious hobbyists to serious enthusiasts to trade professionals. They also wanted their website to be visible and easily accessible to their target market.


The Website Marketing Group developed the new Mr. Fothergill’s NZ website to mirror the company’s specific  expertise and services. With a garden theme in mind, they came up with a design that evokes a bright, lush, healthy and active garden with the use of bright colours, high-resolution produce photos and an overall vibrant, fresh and sunny vibe. Modern and sleek typography, well-organised information and a clean layout positioned Mr. Fothergill’s as a reliable, trusted and approachable expert team.

The content of the new Mr. Fothergill’s NZ website was organised into three major categories, which are all accessible via quick links from the homepage. The first tier is helpful information for home gardeners (Gardening Guide, Gardening With Kids, Growing From Seed, Seed Brochure, Special Offers, and Store Locator). The centre tier is for the products they offer (Vegetables & Herbs, Flowers, Sprouts & Microgreens, and Little Gardeners).  A search bar was also installed, to further aid visitors and encourage them to fully explore the site and get to know more about the business.

On the centre of the homepage are the information categories that typically cater to repeat visitors and long-term customers: New Products, Brochure Downloads, Newsletter and Technical Information (Important Things You Should Know: GMO's, Hybrids, Organics explained). These are presented with a delicious backdrop of fruits, vegetables and plant photos, which were utilised to add visual impact and to aid content architecture as well.

Meanwhile, TWMG designed a content management system (CMS) as part of their signature total solutions service. The CMS allows the Mr. Fothergill’s NZ to easily edit, update and manage the website’s content even if they don’t have development knowledge. Moreover, every page is fully optimised to drive more visibility for the website.


When the new Mr. Fothergill’s NZ website was launched, a new era for the Mr. Fothergill’s NZ brand was introduced as well. Visitors commented on how the new design was able to effectively combine a fun and fresh theme with a professional image. The result is a website that establishes their business as an industry expert and an authority source for seed gardening, earning them more visitors and higher conversions than ever before.

Visit: www.mrfothergills.co.nz

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