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Gala Tax & Accounting

Website Development, SME


Gala Tax & Accounting Services is a trusted tax advising company providing quality tax consulting, financial statements, accounting software training, business projections & strategies and professional services. They serve small to medium enterprises, middle market companies and their owners, high net worth individuals, foreign investors and not-for-profit organizations in the greater Sydney area.

Their team consists of Certified Public Accountants (CPA) in public practice experienced in providing specifically tailored advice to give clients the opportunity to obtain, maintain, maximize, and/or pass on financial wealth.


Gala Tax & Accounting Services is committed to provide the highest level of professional services to their market. Therefore the website that matches their company is a platform that can serve as an effective information hub for customers and business key decision-makers.

With the increasing competition in the marketplace, it was also imperative that their site be maximised to have a significant role in the company’s marketing activities. The Website Marketing Group was commissioned to design a website that will revolutionise the online presence of Gala Tax & Accounting Services.


The Website Marketing Group designed an efficient, content-driven, 100% responsive site with a look and feel that makes the complex topic of accounting more accessible to the audience. The tone and style is professional but friendly, a strategic approach to make Gala Tax & Accounting Services stand out from the commonly formal character of most accounting websites in the market.   

To put an emphasis on the unique blend of precise work and personalised service that Gala Tax & Accounting Services offers, the layout and navigation were engineered to be as simple, flat and neat as possible. As an added feature, a gallery showing the calling cards of their clients was set up, a unique and clever trust-building technique that sets them apart from the usual practice of simply showing client logos.  

The website was made to be 100% responsive to allow users to access it without issues in their preferred device and platform. Search engine optimisation was carefully implemented to give the brand a significant and sustainable boost online. A content management system was set up as well, to make it easy for Gala Tax & Accounting Services administrators to edit and upload articles and images even during their busiest seasons.  

Web Development Technologies: Content Management System, PHP, CSS, and XHTML.


Sleek and modern, friendly and welcoming, the Gala Tax & Accounting Services website speaks directly to its target audience. It answers user’s questions fast, and makes information efficiently accessible and easily understandable. This design approach became instrumental in transforming the Gala Tax & Accounting Services reputation from being merely competent to become one of the trusted practices in the marketplace.

Visit: www.galatax.com.au

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