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FireSense is one of the most awarded and highly trusted suppliers of fire alarm and cable products in Australia. As a specialist wholesaler and supplier; they deal only with Australian contractors and therefore do not provide services to end users. The company is a Corporate Gold Member of Fire Protection Association of Australia and all FireSense products are licensed and listed in the Register of Fire Protection Equipment.

Professional, experienced and industry-approved, the FireSense team boasts of 20 years’ technical expertise and experience in the field and provides solutions from start to finish, from conceptualisation to tendering to ongoing tech support. Their wholesale product line includes: fire alarm panels and detectors, emergency evacuation systems, VESDA systems, fire alarm cables, fire rated electrical cables and sprinkler products. 


FireSense needed a revamped, modern content-managed website that is both customer-oriented and SEO-friendly. They wanted a website that features a corporate look, but with the ingeniousness of a lead capture page, and the search and sales functionality of an efficient e-commerce store. While they envisioned it to be rich in features and downloadable information for customers, they also needed the website and its assets to be managed through the right system that they can handle in-house. 

FireSense understood that it may take a lot of work to get all these done, but they also knew that finding the right website developer will make the task easier, more efficient and geared to attain target results. So we took the challenge! The FireSense team has a reputation for getting the job done, “whatever it takes,” and for delivering quality solutions “on time –  every time.” The Website Marketing Group is definitely stoked to match that level of passion and excellence.


We developed a new website for FireSense through the right mix of standout design, website optimisation, lead capture and sales funnelling, customer service and visitor tracking, all organised and under control by the right content management system (CMS).

One of the key features added on the website was the free downloads section that features  information products – PDFs of manuals, data sheets, approval certificate, drawings, and other documents related to the products on site. The downloadable items are represented as crisp, clean icons, making them easily selectable and more attractive to access. The information packs allow FireSense to offer valuable resources to visitors, and have an efficient way to capture and store visitor information as well. 

The look of the website, with its straight lines, bold colours and strong fonts is unmistakably FireSense. What’s clever about it is its dynamism – you enter the homepage and it looks like you’re browsing a corporate website, but once you click on the products, it easily transitions into a product catalogue. An interested visitor can also request for a quote simply by clicking on a button; the requests are automatically forwarded to the FireSense sales team for immediate call back. We also helped them select a third party option that will set up a live help messenger that also acts as a visitor information tracker. These smart and useful design elements do not get lost on a smaller screen or a different browser, since the design is responsive and mobile friendly.

Moreover, The Website Marketing group provided FireSense with CMS training and solutions, providing them full control of the site and the ability to easily update the site or add content without the need for a developer.


The result is a robust, authority-strengthening website that appeals to the FireSense target customer: corporate key decision-makers in the fire alarm and electrical installation industry. These companies deal with complex building systems and serious safety matters, so they want a one-stop shop for all their needs. The rise in inquiries after the website redesign proves that the new FireSense website highlights a key fact that their clients are looking for: “We have everything you need for your project.”

With the visitor information captured on site, FireSense is able to strengthen their conversions and get to know their customers better, which in turn allowed them to create more effective campaigns. It’s clearly a strong example of how having the right website can host client-brand conversations which is of course key to a better bottom line. To top it off, management of all website assets are happening in just one place – just what a busy, established and consistently expanding organisation such as FireSense needs.

See for yourself: http://www.firesense.com.au

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