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Chemical Cleaning Products CRC

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CRC Industries is a supplier of professional quality aerosol and bulk lubricants, as well as anti-corrosion and chemical maintenance products.

The company’s key industries include:

  • Automotive Workshops –Technologically advanced products specifically targeted to meet the needs of the automotive workshop.
  • Industrial/Electrical – Products designed to meet most maintenance and repair applications.
  • Food and Beverage - Growth, production and packaging.
  • Marine – Marine inboard and outboard motors maintenance to the corrosion protection of tackle.
  • Mining / Oil and Gas –Bulk and non-chlorinated products compliant in today's regulatory environment and other mining products.
  • Automotive Enthusiast – The diverse range extends from polishes, wheel cleaners, protectants through to washer additives.


As a leader in product quality, performance and regulatory compliance, CRC Industries has a deep understanding of the dynamism and challenges of their industry. They believe that with the increasingly globalised economy, even local business should know how to use global strategies in order to survive and thrive.

A proudly Australian company, CRC wants to be prepared for the local and global arena by strengthening their online marketing strategy. Thus, they appointed The Website Marketing Group to undertake a comprehensive campaign consisting of a website update, search engine optimisation and social media service.


The website for CRC that was developed by The Website Marketing Group featured a sleeker, more contemporary look that reflects the changes in their business and the industry. With a powerful red, black and white colour scheme and the use of photojournalistic images, viewers get the sense of the action and progress of the world that CRC is shaping.

The design approach was also a smart way to organise the wide and encompassing range of services and key industries that CRC serves.  The main tabs featured in the homepage provided a doorway to the various facets of the brand: Key Industries, Products, Where to buy, News and Support. The entire site runs on a mobile-ready theme, allowing a smoother user experience across numerous kinds of devices and browsers.

The project also included an SEO component which leveraged the power of an influential social media strategy. Each page was fully optimised using a combination of information architecture,


The new, updated website for CRC depicted the business in its most exciting and influential phase to date. It showed the company as a reliable, experienced and accessible organisation. The information offered on the site and the way it was offered to users mirrored this customer-oriented approach. The result is a website that inform and empower visitors, converting them into loyal clients of CRC.

Visit: http://www.crcind.com.au/ 

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