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Cass Brothers

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A respected pioneer in the bathroom industry, Cass Brothers Bathroom, Kitchen and Plumbing Supplies is an authority brand known for providing top-notch technical expertise in bathroom and bathroom renovation combined with exceptional customer service in Sydney since 1972. They specialise in serving the specific needs of the local market but are inspired by global trends and innovations, allowing customers to enjoy the best of both worlds – cutting edge bathroom design and quality products at competitive prices. Cass Brothers offers handpicked selections on the following categories: Baths and spas, shower screens, bathroom furniture, basins, tapware, toilets and a wide range of plumbing supplies. 


The bathroom company wants to strengthen their online presence by continuing with what they do best: reach out to their customers and share the smartest options according to the needs of the market at the most convenient and efficient way possible. Cass Brothers was able to do these (and more) by commissioning us to do a major website redesign and develop a full e-commerce website. 

The new website is expected to do the following: showcase a design that’s more attuned to Cass Brothers image, make it easier and faster for visitors to find answers to questions, and provide a safe, secure and pleasant shopping experience for customers. These objectives may sound simple but will need sophisticated specialist solutions to realise.


The Website Marketing Group developed a strategy that will ensure the overlapping requirements on content, form and functionality will be met. Here’s a short version of how we did it:

The over-arching objective is to develop a full e-commerce website showcasing the multiple manufacturers featured by Cass Brothers. First, we migrated the content and assets from their old website to the new site. The new site was equipped with Temando Shipment, a market-leading delivery management software and Bendigo Bank’s trusted website payment gateway for Visa and MasterCard® payments.

To enhance the shopping experience, we included a function that allows visitors to place an inquiry per product item. Product pages with image galleries and technical downloads were set up, and the online shop’s functionality was enhanced using the powerful e-commerce platform Magento.

To improve access and navigation, we used a responsive, mobile-ready design to make sure the new website loads fast and smooth across Web-enabled devices and browsers mostly used by users today.   

To make it easy for customers to buy or call Cass brothers, opening hours and location maps were placed on strategic areas of the website.

To continuously build customer relationships, we added social media integration on YouTube, Facebook LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram and added links to the company’s social media sites. A blog component was added, and a newsletter subscription form was placed on a highly visible area.  

Improvements on the design were made not just to make sure the visual elements, colours and fonts consistently reflect the identity of Cass Brothers, but also to facilitate the sales process by reducing distractions and making the path to purchase obvious and easy.   


The new Cass Brothers website looks just like a premiere bathroom supplies showroom: elegant but not too uptight, relaxing but top standard, classy but friendly and accessible. The streamlined, dynamic design gets consumers where they want to be – no frills, no distractions, just solutions and answers to questions that build buyer confidence. Just like how the company has established their name through the years. 

Today, Cass Brothers reports a consistent increase in their visitor traffic and conversions, and enjoys the support of a growing community, proving that their revamped website is both a brand ambassador as well as an effective sales platform.

Go visit: www.cassbrothers.com.au

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